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Assessment Handbook - Initial Teacher Education: PGCE (England, N Ireland, Wales) and PGDE (Scotland)

2.1 Elements of assessment

QTS standards/professional competences and course outcomes

In England, the DCSF and the TDA require ITE course assessment to be based on demonstration of the Professional Standards for teachers: Qualified Teacher Status (Q) standards linked to professional attributes, professional knowledge and understanding, and professional skills. Similar standards / competences are set by DENI in Northern Ireland, SEED in Scotland and WAG-DCELLS in Wales (see introduction to this handbook).

Demonstrating the understanding, knowledge and skills necessary to meet the standards is part of the PGCE/PGDE outcomes which need to be demonstrated at the end of the course.

The structure of the course is explained in more detail in your course materials, but at each level of the course you will be required to submit evidence that demonstrates your satisfactory progress towards these professional standards/competences and towards the outcomes of the course. You build up this evidence by completing module study, carrying out teaching and school experience activities and submitting portfolios that include reports, audits, assessment tasks and evidence.

At the end of the course, your teaching in your final school placement and your portfolio of evidence will be used to assess whether you have demonstrated the required professional standards/competences, the outcomes of the course, and to judge your eligibility for the award of the PGCE or PGDE and QTS, EtT or TQ.

At the end of each level and at the end of the course, your tutor will assess your portfolio and the quality of all the elements submitted in it and will recommend to the Examination and Assessment Board (also known as the Award Board) that you pass the course or that your progress is reviewed (see section 3.3).

If you are studying in England, you will also need to provide evidence with your Level 3 portfolio that you have successfully completed the TDA Skills Tests (see below).

Detailed information about the course assessment requirements and grades can be found in the PGCE/PGDE Handbook, the Needs Analysis Assessment Guidance and Assessment Guide.