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I am resident outside the UK, am I able to get financial support?

If you are resident outside the UK, Republic of Ireland or Continental Europe, no financial support is available.

If you are resident in the Republic of Ireland you are not eligible for financial support from the UK Government. There is, however, a very limited fund which can be used to help, if you are already studying with the OU, with expenses such as childcare, equipment and travel to tutorials. In a few cases, particularly if your circumstances have changed since you enrolled to study, it may be possible to give some limited help with your fees. In all cases applications are 'means tested'. For further information and advice please contact The Open University in Ireland by phone at +44 28 9032 3722 or by email to

If you are a new student resident in Continental Europe (or a continuing student who has passed the last module you studied with The Open University) and you are experiencing financial difficulties during your studies, you may apply for help with payment of your fees. Awards will be made taking account of your income and whether you have made satisfactory progress in your studies. You cannot get an award if you are studying towards a second Open University degree, or if you are a full time student at another institution, or if you have an outstanding debt from a previous year. You will need to make a contribution of £100 toward the cost of fees and the maximum award is £900 per academic year. Funds are very limited and once the fund has been exhausted no further awards can be made. For further information and advice please contact us on +44 (0)191 477 6100 or email

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