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The Roman Empire

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  • Points: 60
  • Code: A340
  • Level: 3
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Student reviews

If you want to know about Rome and the Romans and their Empire then this course will give you all the information. I cannot fault the topics covered - Rome itself, the military, fall of the Empire, Constantine, administration of the Empire, etc - there was no part of the content that I did not enjoy.

But - like any Level 3 course there is a lot to read and many people on the course who commented on the Facebook page that they set up found the constant chopping and changing from working from a text book to having to go online to complete activities very time consuming and it made the first two Blocks of the course feel rather bitty. That said, there was less online work in Blocks 3 and 4.

I cannot fault the content but I did not like how this course was presented. Be prepared to need constant access to a computer to do this course - having a shared family laptop made life hard for me.

Jane Elizabeth Bernhardt

Course starting: October 2015

Review posted: October 2016

If you wish to know about the Roman empire, take this course. If you dig archaeology, sign-up for this module, now. This is one of the best modules ever produced by the OU. The Roman empire combines history, archaeology and historiography into one neat and tidy package which will take a student on a journey from Rome's mythical far flung past, right up until the Roman empire's moribund and beyond, completing the circuit with Rome's reception. A340 also covers the way in which Roman archaeology has been studied in the past, containing current trends of scholarship. At the time of writing, A340 is right up to date. This module is superb.

With a strong emphasis on archaeology, A340 does not dismiss primary source analysis, on the contrary it combines evidence from inscriptions (coins, tombstones, etc. - epigraphy) to wall-sections, pottery remains and radio-carbon (C-14) dating. It is at the forefront of web based technology with an outstanding digital map. A340 is the a great module for a broader understanding of the Roman empire.

Maxwell Lewis Latham

Course starting: October 2015

Review posted: September 2016

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