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Marketing and society

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: B324
  • Level: 3
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Student reviews

I thought this was quite an average module. It focuses on the more philosophical area of business; that is ethics and socially responsible practices. It's broken into 3 books with an additional resource text for book one.

Book one covers 'social marketing' the adoption of traditional marketing techniques and applying them to social problems.
Book two covers ethics and marketing and looks to explain how, what, where and why ethical issues occur.
Book three covers responsible business marketing which essentially looks at what business can do to incorporate society and the environment.

I won't deny this was quite a thought provoking module however I didn't enjoy it at all. Exercises in the textbook accompanying book one lacked sample answers, there was a lack of clarity in regard to what was required for the TMAs and some of the topics were lacking in information.

On the plus side good self-assessment questions at the end of each study book, straightforward exam (do get some of the past papers), 3 questions with 3 essay type answers, very helpful tutor and somewhat interesting topics.

Overall this module is rather broad and lacks any real clarity. It reads more like a self-help book for businesses. I'd recommend this if you're looking to go into work along this line or you want to become more socially responsible in your business practice or you have current experience in this and want to know some of the theory behind it.

Course starting: May 2013

Review posted: February 2014

I really enjoyed this course. I work in Health but found the subject areas interesting and relevant to wider societal issues e.g social marketing for public health/social issues, effects of consumerism, ethics, corporate social responsibility, green marketing etc. The module guidance and tutor support was good and attendance at the day schools was really helpful. I found my efforts paid off and I was extremely pleased with my module result. I highly recommend this course.

Bernadette Curran

Course starting: May 2013

Review posted: January 2014

I found this course very interesting and would definitely recommend it as part of the Business Studies degree.

The three TMAs are evenly spaced and the course books relate to the 3 areas covered in the TMAs. The topics covered are interesting and as it is 30 credits the reading is more then manageable.

The exam was fairly easy to revise for as it to is broken down into 3 areas and therefore it is pretty easy to assume which topics will definitely be included and therefore can be learnt in depth.

Jenna Maria Bunting

Course starting: May 2012

Review posted: September 2013

Overall, a good course. It's interesting and relevant enough to continue to engage you throughout the six months it runs for. It was my first OU module (having transferred credit gained from previous study of the first two years of a three year degree course at a traditional, Russell Group university a few years ago) and I liked the materials a lot, the support from my tutor and the enthusiasm from other students on the course.

However, DO NOT think it might be an easy 30 credits - I didn't, but still underestimated the amount of work it required to do at least okay! I achieved an excellent OCAS mark, but did worse than expected in the final examination despite working a lot towards it, and was disappointed with that mark. However, I gained a grade 2 pass so was satisfied ultimately, but only just!

You don't need to have a marketing background to do well on this course - I didn't, coming from a science one - but you need an interest in ethical issues generally. There's quite a lot of reading to do, but provided you follow the supplied 'timetable' (or similar) it's easily manageable - just make sure you leave yourself enough time to revise for the exam at the end as there's a lot to learn!

Course starting: May 2011

Review posted: December 2011

This was my first Level 3 course and I definitely felt the "step up" from Level 2 to Level 3, which is what you would expect despite this being a 30 credit course.

I thought that this course would be about marketing with a token bit of sociology/charity marketing thrown in. This definitely wasn't the case, it was more the other way round and turned out to be a really interesting -and sometimes challenging - course that provided a lot of insight into social marketing and social issues.

There is a lot of focus around health and social issues. I found the TMAs and their format interesting (as well as being challenging/making you think too), and there was enough time on the course for the given workload. Our tutor was really good, very enthusiastic, helpful and knowledgeable about the subject which definitely helped.

I think it would probably help if you had done a course like B203 or B120 that sort of gives an overview of marketing before going for this course, as a lot of the marketing theory wasn't as in-depth or basic as on those courses. I'd recommend this course to anyone who has a little previous knowledge/experience of marketing and an interest in health and/or social issues.

Course starting: May 2010

Review posted: February 2011

I made the mistake of going from a Level 1 course to a Level 3 course without any prior marketing knowledge. Ok, so the text books are very informative and useful, but I found it hard to keep up whilst working full time! Despite this I enjoyed the course - especially the TMAs - but struggled with the exam as I had gotten so far behind with the course material I then found I didn't have much time to revise as there was so much I had to know for the exam!

The only negative thing about this course was my tutor. There were various issues, the main being the lack of contact, support, and very delayed marking of TMAs, but this was a one off in my experience - it is not the fault of the OU and this isn't an issue I have come across since.

I am planning on retaking the whole course again when I have completed my Level 2 courses, and I can't wait to do so! I just hope I get a better tutor this time.

Course starting: May 2009

Review posted: March 2010

Faculty response

Many thanks for your feedback which is greatly valued. We are very sorry that you experienced some issues with your tutor support, but are pleased that you recognise that this is not typical of the OU experience. It is incredibly difficult to comment without knowing the particular details, but on rare occasions disruptions may result from unexpected events, such as tutor illness.

The B324 module tutors are very experienced, generally turn around TMAs quickly and have proved very supportive, both online and at face-to-face events. We will, though, seek to use your feedback to help us maintain our high standards for all our students.

I really enjoyed this course. The material was up to date and I found my tutors support to be very good. I particularly liked doing the research for the assignments as it allowed you the opportunity to really test the scope of your learning. I would suggest to anyone that you keep up with the workload as there is a lot of reading, and read all the case studies to enhance your understanding of the concepts.

I would recommend this course to anyone as it is very interesting and you get out of it as much as you put in.

Linda Fleming

Course starting: May 2009

Review posted: December 2009

An interesting and challenging course, though it might not be as light and easy as one may have expected for a 30-points Level 3 course. Having studied B200 before has provided me a solid background to delve into the different faces and aspects of marketing.

Block 1 Social Marketing is about using conventional marketing tools and techniques for the benefits and goods of society as a whole - it has made me aware of the difference between the two. Block 2 Ethical Marketing challenges the debate on what one thinks as right or wrong. And Block 3 Responsible Marketing is the heaviest that touches on corporate social responsibility, green marketing and fair trade. Compared to the readings in the first two Blocks, I found some literature in Block 3 very theoretical and thus question its relevance and practicality.

Although the TMAs are pretty time-consuming as one has to choose an organization to research and write on, the experience is rewarding at the end of it - especially knowing the good or the bad of an organization.

I would recommend B324 to anyone interested to learn more about marketing or wish to take a business course with less theories!

Guat Yen Tan-Mack

Course starting: May 2008

Review posted: December 2008

Faculty response

Such feedback from our students is very important to us. Accordingly, the module materials have been revised to address both students' and tutors' comments. As part of these revisions, the number of readings in Block 3 (Responsible Business Marketing) was reduced and the information contained in these readings was simplified and integrated into the main body of the block.

I found the course extremely challenging, and particularly in regards of length of time wading through notes and the effort required to complete the TMAs. Two of which required me to take a day off work simply to pile through in time for the deadline. TMA word counting was a problem and the summarisation of notes into the TMAs is a key component for successful completion of this course.

I found the course material quite interesting, although I did not personally agree with some of the claims that social marketing was able to provide an alternative view to recognised marketing and its approach. The modules on green marketing and fairtrade were interesting and a welcome relief from the marketing structure modules earlier in the course.

All in all a reasonable course, although I would not recommend anyone taking it with the thought "an easy 30 points at Level 3" as it suggests no pre-requisites are required for entry, this is simply not the case!

Mark Herron

Course starting: May 2008

Review posted: December 2008

Faculty response

Many thanks for these helpful comments. We are glad that you found the module material interesting, albeit challenging. Although the module remains open-entry, advice about prior study has been added in the updated module description. Just to clarify - social marketing is not intended as an alternative to conventional marketing; it is better thought of as a variant on the theme of marketing. The block on social marketing examines how marketing concepts, frameworks and techniques developed for commercial marketing can be applied to address issues relating to health and social wellbeing.

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