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Managing 2: marketing and finance

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: B629
  • Level: 3
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Student reviews

I really enjoyed studying this module. I hated studying accounts in my first year at university but I am no longer scared of accounts after studying this module. However I feel it took some dedication to complete. A really good module.

Karen Anne Spence

Course starting: April 2014

Review posted: May 2015

I really enjoyed this module up until about half way through the finance section.

The marketing section built on students' own experiences of the workplace and the online discussions allowed us to see the differences between different sectors and also different departments within the same organisation. The most surprising thing was that marketing is relevant to all roles in all organisations - not just the advertising department of a large commercial organisation.

The finance section was fine to start with then about half way through it got difficult. I do my own accounts so had a bit of a head start but I still found it quite tough. In one of the module activities (16.3) we were asked to put bad debt provision into a profit and loss account. The textbook gave us no clue where exactly to put this so there was quite a lengthy discussion on the module forums. In the end I resorted to looking it up on an A-level Accounting revision website. The actual maths needed is quite simple - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and percentages. As bad as I've made it sound this section of the module was about average so don't be put off.

If you manage to find a good scenario for the TMAs they can be really interesting. I found this particularly true applying the concepts I'd just learned to real problems, identifying the underlying reasons for the problem occurring and coming up with a solution. For both TMAs the proposed solution wasn't one I'd have instinctively suggested but instead came out of the academic analysis of the situation. The most difficult part of the TMAs were keeping within the word limit. In other TMAs I've had to bulk them up to get near the word limit but with these ones I spent about 5 hours chopping them down and replacing text with diagrams or tables to get under the word limit +10%. As they say "A picture paints a thousand words" ...or in my experience a diagram is worth about 200 words!

The EMA was quite difficult as it was effectively two condensed TMAs stuck together with a long introduction about our workplace and its marketing mix. The general feedback for the whole presentation from the external examiner seemed like he wanted a different focus than my tutor (and probably other OU tutors) wanted for the TMAs.

Overall this is a very good module, helped mostly by the excellent marketing section.

Barry McGuire

Course starting: May 2014

Review posted: January 2015

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