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Managing 2: marketing and finance - online version

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: BZX629
  • Level: 3

Student reviews

I really enjoyed this course. Studying it as well as BZX628 has provided invaluable learning, and I find I incorporate something from it, every week at work now. I learned from experience to keep up to date with the workload. I reduced pressure on myself by never falling behind and did all of the pieces of work to gain max possible points. My online colleagues were brilliant, and shared discussions on our work in the forums which really helped me. If you follow it up with B690 and get yourself the Professional Certificate in Management you will not regret it. Oh and another brilliant tutor too.

Course starting: October 2014

Review posted: February 2016

Having completed BZX628 I thought I may as well get the full set by trying this one. A lot tougher I thought but still very valuable in terms of the finance section of the course and our tutor was always very helpful. The marketing section I came across quite a bit in the past which helped me get a good grade for assignment 1. Assignment 2 my grade dropped as the finance section can fry your brain. But luckily I pulled the grades back with my EMA. Best advice I can give is make sure you complete the activities. Not only are they 30% of your assignment mark but it will help tremendously with the assignments.

Arlan Kotb

Course starting: May 2014

Review posted: December 2014

An excellent follow on to BZX628 - Managing 1 - Organisations and people.

I enjoyed the course, and doing this on the web was not a problem - the student forums were well used, and I enjoyed talking to people.

Ultimately I got grade 2 passes in both, and given my job and commuting gave me little time for this course, I was thrilled!

You do have to do some tasks every week - so be warned. It can be difficult to catch up if you have a busy schedule. But don't let that put you off - the fact I have the professional certificate in management, and the modules count towards my degree make this and the 2 related courses excellent value.

Andrew Slucock

Course starting: November 2011

Review posted: March 2013

I really enjoyed this course because it involved solving marketing and finance problems within a business. PBL suited my learning style because solving problems helped me to internalise the course materials. I currently run my own business and wanted to learn the basics of marketing in order to increase sales. In the current economic climate its good to be educated about marketing and finance.

The first half of the course teaches you the basics of marketing. Once you understand these you then turn to analyse the finance. I learned how to analyse my own accounts in a variety of ways. I learned where savings could be made, the amount of time taken to sell stocks, the most productive months of the year and which time to plan for a holiday. I have already put some theory into practice and increased sales as a result.

Knowledge really is power! I recommend this course to anyone running their own business or aspiring to be in marketing or finance as a manager. You need some work experience and access to some financial information. I scored 83% in my ECA. It all fits together in the end - marketing and finance go hand in hand.

Paul Anthony Hollyoak

Course starting: November 2010

Review posted: August 2011

I would recommend choosing this course with great care - It is a good course, if it's what you expect. It wasn't quite what I expected and consequently I struggled somewhat on the Finance side of the course. I absolutely loved the Marketing side of this course! This was the first half of BZX629 and it was highly enjoyable! This was because it suited me (I'm creative) and it was a logical follow-on to BZX628 which I really enjoyed as well.

The Finance side of the course is where it went wrong for me. It wasn't the mathematics - it's fundamental math - but understanding how accountants work out what was a bit daunting, bordering on boring. This is no fault of the course - it just didn't suit me at all. If the OU were to break this module into two separate modules it may have more appeal.

I am a little annoyed that after scoring decently in the 2 x TMAs and after spending a SOLID WEEK on the ECA (now EMA) that I only got a grade 4 pass. I'm pretty sure it was because I worked in the public sector and putting the theory into the Finance side of the course is going to be difficult for those who work the public sector; UNLESS you make purchasing / cost decisions in your organisation. If you're an aspiring manager or team leader and you cannot get access to figures in your department, you will struggle with this course.

I tried valiantly on my ECA to write-off my lack of finance knowledge of my organisation to no avail. I'm bitterly disappointed with my final result and may jettison the module entirely from my degree, as the result does not reflect how much I put into the course, nor how much I got involved with the online forums and/or live tutorials and/or encouraged other students. In fact, the online forums where other students got involved kept me going! Their support was invaluable and I know I wasn't alone with not enjoying the Finance side of this course.

That aside, it is a well-structured course and the depth of knowledge gained is invaluable. Just read that course description fully and appreciate that the second-half of the course is only going to be enjoyable if you want to learn how companies work out their accounts/profit-and-loss scenarios. Note too, that you will need a headset to take part in any live tutorials in the Eluminate software that the OU provide. You may need a faster computer than the one I used; I was running Windows XP and it really struggled. Windows Vista or Windows 7 will be fine with Eluminate.

I hope this helps anybody considering this course and I hope I haven't put you off as this isn't my intention. The first half of this course I truly enjoyed; the second half I didn't and it affected my overall result.

Course starting: May 2010

Review posted: January 2011

This course was very useful and filled in the gaps in my finance knowledge very well.

However I will say that the way the course material is written for the finance section is extremely difficult to make sense of. The reader first has to make judgement calls on what each figure represents prior to being able to attempt the exercises. Would it be too simple to state that X = Sales, Y = creditor funds etc.

There was one exercise (for the imaginary musical instruments company) where depending on how you interpreted the quite vague text you could have come up with one of a dozen different results. This wouldn't be too bad if the tutor was able to give explicit feedback but as they can't it was a highly frustrating and annoying period of study.

I'm not asking for the answers to be laid out but when you are trying to grasp the concepts initially then perhaps not having the copy written by the man who devises the times crossword might be a little more beneficial for the students.

Adam Daniel

Course starting: November 2009

Review posted: October 2010

This course was more difficult for me as I am not really "finance" person and do not have opportunity to apply gained knowledge at my work. However it was intensive course, I do have some gaps in my knowledge but all in all, it was very well presented to students.

The big help was actually the course forum where everybody could post their questions or concerns. Learning from fellows helped me to understand some financial theories better, therefore I'm very thankful for all devotion and dedication of tutor and students.

Alisa Hozo

Course starting: November 2009

Review posted: October 2010

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Module satisfaction survey

The figures below are taken from a survey of students who sat the exam/completed the end-of-module assessment for the October 2016 presentation of BZX629. The survey was carried out in 2017.

33 students (a response rate of 31.1%) responded to the survey covering what they thought of 10 aspects of the module.

Please note that if the percentage of students who responded to this module survey is below 30% and/or the number of responses is below 23 it means that only a small proportion of students provided feedback and their views as shown here may not be fully representative of all students who studied the module.

See this page for the full text of questions and more information about the survey.

% Count
Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of this module 84.8 28
Overall, I am satisfied with my study experience 78.1 25
The module provided good value for money 63.6 21
I was satisfied with the support provided by my tutor/study adviser on this module 81.8 27
Overall, I was satisfied with the teaching materials provided on this module 90.9 30
The learning outcomes of the module were clearly stated 93.9 31
I would recommend this module to other students 81.8 27
The module met my expectations 75.8 25
I enjoyed studying this module 84.8 28
Overall, I was able to keep up with the workload on this module 72.7 24
Faculty comment: "The figures from the 2017 survey continue to reflect relatively high levels of student satisfaction, across a range of different metrics, with over 90% of respondents expressing agreement with the statement, ""Overall I am satisfied with the quality of the module"". An important element of the support we provide to students comes from our tutors and over 93% of respondents were satisfied with the support they received from their tutors/study advisers."
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