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Introducing the social sciences

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  • Points: 60
  • Code: DD102
  • Level: 1
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Student reviews

Very pleasant module to start your university journey. The module pace builds up gradually throughout the year and the material is very clear and structured. The module is a general introduction to the social sciences however it particularly focuses on how the subjects relate in the context of contemporary British society. For a more rounded and global perspective I recommend studying along with Investigating the social world (DD103) which I have found to be a great complementary module to DD102.

Cristina de Leo

Course starting: October 2018

Review posted: July 2019

Doing a degree in psychology I wondered why I needed to choose a non-psychology module, how wrong I was, the knowledge offers another way to frame questions; How our behaviour and choices are influenced by the society in which we live requiring a deeper understanding of complex social structures.

The distance learning journey was a great experience making intangible social processes visible and manageable.
The material was comprehensive, brilliantly structured and easy to follow supported by ample online material, although I found I wanted to research some areas at a deeper level by accessing the reference material, (the course sparked my interest and linked to career goals rather something needed to pass the module).

In the framework of distance learning, the role of tutor and tutorials are extremely valuable. I was very lucky with the tutor assigned to me. She created a supportive motivated learning atmosphere with clear guidance at the start and helped me to achieve the learning module's outcome and enjoy the never-ending process of learning, a special thanks to my tutor and the other tutors from the module team.

The module has now finished but my learning journey continues as I internalise this material and I face my future modules with increased foundational knowledge, self-confidence and skills.

I recommend this module choice to anyone looking for a basic understanding of social science.

Maryna Morris

Course starting: October 2018

Review posted: July 2019

DD102 was a great foundation for the Social Sciences. I found whilst some topics were a bit drawn out that the module was varied and built on skills to enable you to succeed.

The online activities were well designed and structured to follow a logical order. The Assessment guide was thorough and if used in conjunction with tutorials, books, forums and online activities covered everything you need to know.

My tutor throughout was supportive and proactive which makes a big difference with distance learning. Perhaps sometimes the feedback was a little contradictory in relation to their examples, overall I was more than satisfied.

I am aware that not all students received the same level of support on the module and tutors information regarding requirements ( including those given out in the tutorials) was not consistent.

For anyone wishing to study Sociology of Pyschology, this is a great starting point.

Course starting: January 2018

Review posted: March 2019

Positives - an enjoyable course with varied material that maintained my interest throughout and allowed me to focus my studies on areas I particularly engaged with (EG: choice of TMA's towards the end of the module). My tutor was responsive and encouraging along with some of the other tutors I met. TMA feedback was timely and concise.

Negatives - lack of participation on the forums coupled with poor attendance at the face to face tutorials meant I never felt part of a student body. This was exacerbated by conflicting messages about what interaction was permitted between students (I was told that arranging a coffee after a tutorial was frowned upon!). There was a marked difference between the quality of the material provided by tutors with one in particular not bothering to turn up for the day school session he was running as part of the EMA preparation.
Some of the material felt dated (particularly around social networking).

Course starting: October 2017

Review posted: February 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed this module and found it engaging. The course material was well presented and my tutor was very supportive. It is a great module to start you on your academic path.

Course starting: January 2018

Review posted: November 2018

I found parts of the module extremely interesting and other parts not so much, as it covers many different areas of the social sciences. The module did lead me to consider if psychology was the degree for me as I also developed an increased interest in sociology and politics through this module so there were more positives than negatives for me when studying this module.
I found the materials and week by week module planner useful, giving structure to my study and keeping me on track even when I wasn't as motivated as I really should have been. The module had a good mixture of study materials which helped me to learn how to reference different sources whilst the variation kept me engaged even with the areas of study which I found less interesting or more difficult.
Overall I enjoyed the module and found myself speaking to friends about what I was learning each week as new ideas were opened up to me. I also felt a bit smug when I now knew who Joseph Stiglitz was when his name popped up on the evening news.
This module is an excellent starting point for any social science degree.

Course starting: January 2018

Review posted: October 2018

I found this was good preparation for my second module. The module materials were excellent (very clear and easy to understand)and relevant to my study this year, Investigating Psychology (DE100). I did get a bit tired of the Social Science nature of it all but it was a very good 'back to study' module and I now draw on the knowledge gained - both academically and in my everyday life.

Course starting: October 2017

Review posted: October 2018

This was a great course to start my OU studies and I felt that I was able to manage the workload and could see how I had developed my study and writing skills throughout the course. I really gained a lot from the study sessions but felt that they were not attended fully by fellow students.

Elisabeth Sarah Curnew

Course starting: October 2017

Review posted: September 2018

Its a good start module , and I had a very good tutor that made a big difference, I recommended this module.

Course starting: October 2015

Review posted: July 2017

Amazing module to begin your journey on. Enlightening, engaging and gives you everything you need to prepare you for your degree journey. Module team were great with varied interests which made for diverse and enjoyable learning. Would recommend DD102 to anyone with an interest in social science.

Course starting: January 2016

Review posted: December 2016

I very much enjoyed the subject of this module and thought it did the trick by introducing me gently to the experience of studying with Open University. I would recommend it to anybody and now I am looking forward to my next module.

Susan Neate

Course starting: October 2015

Review posted: September 2016

Great module and well delivered, both online materials and books. Having an access to DD102s predecessor DD101 books, I knew quite well what to expect.

Brilliant is the access to various journals given to all students from year 1 onwards, I could extend my reading and understanding beyond the module books.

Not very difficult if you like sociology issues. Time spent on the actual reading/doing online activities was much less than the recommended 18 hours.

Contents were very interesting and, based on real example of City Road, very down to Earth. In first TMAs there was also an opportunity to apply module knowledge to your local neighbourhood.

Some TMAs had a few parts to them; posting on the forum was also required - although a great opportunity to glimpse of how others write (and compare it to your own style), it was a patronising drag, considering we all are mature students, not facebooking teenagers.

For those who are unsure about their essay writing skills or time management - this is indeed a manageable module, compared to some other ones I studied afterwards.

Course starting: February 2015

Review posted: July 2016

At first I was a bit apprehensive about studying Introducing the social sciences. My concern was that I would not be able to keep up with the reading; however after submitting my first assignment my concerns were greatly reduced.

As the course progressed I was able to apply my learning to what I heard in the media, from news reports and articles, and was quite surprised at how much I had learnt.

Course starting: October 2014

Review posted: June 2016

Very interesting module and a good choice to start your studies with Open University.

I enjoyed the module throughout and found it very fascinating. Topics such as Consumerism and Capitalism were explored which I quite liked.

The study resources and material where excellent. The interactive street called 'City Road' really helped the module come to life.

My tutor was also very passionate and dedicated about teaching the module which helped me learn to the best of my ability.

Callum Tweed

Course starting: October 2014

Review posted: December 2015

Not having studied since 1996 DD102 was perfectly structured, beginning quite straight forward and progressing steadily. The material was easy to follow and the online activities prepare you for the assessments.

It wouldn't necessarily take the suggested hours, however, I found making time for 12-14 hours a week allowed me to get in depth subject knowledge and spend a lot of time working on the TMAs and I passed the course with distinction. It could have been comfortably done in less time though if had been necessary.

Over all the module was fascinating, straight forward and great preparation for further study. Very much enjoyed it.

Course starting: February 2015

Review posted: November 2015

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