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The uses of social science

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  • Points: 60
  • Code: DD206
  • Level: 2

Student reviews

I found this course to be a very logical step up from level 1. There are assignments using PowerPoint and reports so it's not just essay style questions. The material is interesting, current and provides a great grounding for the ways in which social science research is conducted and used.

Course starting: October 2013

Review posted: July 2015

I was fortunate to have a very helpful tutor for DD206, as I was unable to attend tutorials. The course itself was interesting enough. However, it relied far too much on the internet and I felt the D-U-E system was something of a gimmick. The EMA was in three parts and my final grade did not reflect the effort I had put into both the EMA and the course as a whole. Overall a bit of a mixed bag.

Course starting: February 2014

Review posted: July 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed studying this module. It gave me a real insight into the social world in which I live, and developed/refined a range of skills, which I use on a daily basis to continue my development as a student of the social sciences.

It offered a wide variety of study resources and support opportunities, which I was able to take full advantage of, enabling me to actively be in control of broadening my breadth of knowledge through my understanding.

I am thankful to have been allocated a great tutor. He was open, honest and shared his life experience in context to the module content. Furthermore, his advice and feedback was constructive, the tutorial days he led were helpful, and he was always available. I can honestly comment that this contributed to the distinction grade that I was awarded on completion of the module.

I highly recommend this module to any potential students who have an interest in the social sciences. My advice to you is, 'Be like Neo' from the Matrix, you will get so much more from this module, if you engage, reflect and apply what you learn. I have made many positive changes within my life as a direct result of applying knowledge gained through studying this module.

I am currently studying DD208 Welfare, Crime and Society, which is stimulating and provoking and complements this module nicely. For this reason, if you are considering studying 'The uses of social science' module and 'Welfare, Crime and Society' module, I recommend that you study DD206 first because it will give you a solid, secure and consolidated understanding.

Sharon Hartles

Course starting: February 2014

Review posted: March 2015

I found this module to be very interesting, and I feel that I have taken a lot from it.

The module is centred around a Describe (D), Understand (U) and Enact (E) framework, and utilises numerous case studies that highlight these different elements. It consists of one book, and lots of online content, which I personally like; however I may have been in the minority. Although it's important to note that the OU is dynamic, and will be changing over time, and online reading will become a very central feature of this shift.

The TMAs and iCMA were certainly manageable given the time parameters, and they increased in complexity as the module went on.

I found the collaborative forums to be a bit of a drag in terms of learning value, and considering very few people participated in the activities, it hardly felt worth doing. I also thought that the 'reflection' part of each of the TMAs were quite heavily weighted considering DD206 is a level 2 module. I would have preferred if they were compulsory, but not weighted.

The EMA brought together everything that had been learnt in the previous months, and required a range of skill - especially considering it consisted of three separate objectives.

All in all, I'd give the module 8-9/10, and would definitely recommend it to anybody who wishes to increase their learning value. It had an interesting theme; interesting materials; a nice range of TMAs; and I was fortunate to have a helpful tutor.

When reading past reviews of this module myself, prior to having been enrolled, I noticed that many people were asserting that they had poor grades, and this made me a little apprehensive as to actually enrolling on it (despite it being compulsory for my pathway), and it did generate some anxieties in me pertaining to the actual marking process.

Either way, I managed to get a 'distinction', so if anybody else is doubting themselves, don't. It is entirely possible for you to do well, even if many of the module reviews are negative. Best wishes to all.


Course starting: February 2014

Review posted: March 2015

At the outset of this course I was a bit unsure of its format which was very different from my previous modules, as much of it was online and included collaborative forums with other students. By the end of the module I was really pleased I had choosen to include this in my degree. Materials were very modern and current and my tutor was helpful, as were forum discussions if I got a bit confused. Overall I really enjoyed this course and would recommend choosing it. I would recommend going to as many tutorials as possible as they definitely add to your learning experience.

Course starting: October 2013

Review posted: August 2014

I enjoyed this course overall, I did find the heavy online focus a little more difficult to manage than other courses. I have to work hard to fit study in around a full time job and young children so I like to be able to have reading material as hard copy to read at lunchtime or between swimming lessons etc and with this course it was challenging to do this because much of the material was online and revolved around filmed clips.

That said the material was interesting and the course work and TMAs well structured.

This was my first level 2 course and I found the step up from level one a bit of a leap in terms of time committment and frequency of TMAs.

I scored well in my TMAs and got useful feedback which I could take into future study however like one of the other students I was very disappointed with my ECA both the result and the lack of useful feedback on the assignment to understand where I could have improved. This was a big disappointment because there is no way of getting better feedback.

Overall an enjoyable and challenging course with a bit of a sting in the tail.

Stephanie Sloan

Course starting: October 2012

Review posted: August 2013

This course has a lot of online reading which I found very difficult to get into the swing of. Part of the answer could be to download the materials but again this could be disruptive to the way I study as I study on the go and could find after a few pages of text there would be an audio/video or activity to complete.

Much of the course content was interesting. The collaborative forum was an area of weakness with other students not engaging and the schedule not really fitting in with my available time to study. Nonetheless, this was the guinea pig year and having had a quick glance at the description for this year it does seem slightly different and has the potential to improve.

I found the DUE framework to be very interesting and thought provoking. For those who like their books to study this course will be a challenge but one that can be overcome with a bit of planning and forward skimming of course materials.

Course starting: October 2012

Review posted: August 2013

This was a new course that was going to be part of my open degree. Unfortunately for me I was unable to make the tutorials and struggled with this course because 50% of this was online and not in books like most courses. If you're thinking of doing this course, I would think seriously that if you don't want to print off endless pages of information it is better to choose a course that is in book form only.

Course starting: October 2012

Review posted: August 2013

For a new course and first presentation I think this course was great, the content and chapters are wide ranging and very interesting. Especially on those on media, internet and the London riots. Less so on rail and transport.

As a new modern course, the method of delivery is perhaps providing insight into how the OU will deliver and assess going forward. As such developing ICT skills is part of the course, and not to be feared if you feel less confident with Computers, just go with it and you will learn how to use ICT to gather information, do online highlighting and referencing and make presentations.

A lot of what I learnt was very relevant and knowledge gained in this module has contributed to getting a new job, I used examples in my interview from the course.

I was very happy with my OCAS assessment, my tutor was engaging and fair, resulting in a good average grade leading into the EMA.

Unfortunately this is where it all fell apart for me, as although I had good TMA scores, strong feedback throughout, good essay writing and referencing (5 years in should hope so!), the examiner marked me as Bare Pass for all essay criteria on my EMA, very disheartening and confidence shaking considering I am entering my final year of study.

I do recommend this module very highly, it was great. Be prepared to study at least one Chapter you are less interested in and get stuck in to using ICT to help you study.

Stephen Holley

Course starting: October 2012

Review posted: August 2013

This course has the potential to be great, however, in my opinion, was not delivered as well as it could have been. This may be largely down to it being a new course.

The content was on the whole very interesting (there are always a few topics on every course that don't appeal) however many of the assignment tasks were patronising and at times, it was difficult to understand what they were actually looking for.

If, like me, you struggle for time and like to study anywhere and everywhere that you can fit it in, please be aware that the majority of this course is online and therefore you will be restricted as to how and where you can study.

That said, I completed the course and received a respectable grade 2.

Emma Jane Tooth

Course starting: October 2012

Review posted: August 2013

I did not enjoy this course at all. I I thought it would be interesting but some of the subjects were very mundane and time consuming. There was an awful lot of online reading and work and some TMAs had several parts to them. Overall, a very bad experience throughout the modules which really knocked my confidence.

Course starting: October 2012

Review posted: August 2013

I loved this course. The material provides an in-depth picture of the broad range and application of social sciences. The course content is a combination of paper based and online learning and includes collaborative forums with lecturers and students from the module. I got on well with this learning style although I think computer literacy is an advantage on this course. The weakest aspect of this course were the collaborative forums.

If the OU can iron out the few teething problems, no doubt associated with running a course for the first time, I would highly recommend this course for anybody who wants to gain a broader understanding of the way in which social science is inextricably linked to the workings of society.

Louisa Gillett

Course starting: October 2012

Review posted: July 2013

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Module satisfaction survey

The figures below are taken from a survey of students who sat the exam/completed the end-of-module assessment for the October 2016 presentation of DD206. The survey was carried out in 2017.

110 students (a response rate of 30.9%) responded to the survey covering what they thought of 10 aspects of the module.

Please note that if the percentage of students who responded to this module survey is below 30% and/or the number of responses is below 23 it means that only a small proportion of students provided feedback and their views as shown here may not be fully representative of all students who studied the module.

See this page for the full text of questions and more information about the survey.

% Count
Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of this module 88.2 97
Overall, I am satisfied with my study experience 79.1 87
The module provided good value for money 64.5 71
I was satisfied with the support provided by my tutor/study adviser on this module 75.2 82
Overall, I was satisfied with the teaching materials provided on this module 80.9 89
The learning outcomes of the module were clearly stated 91.7 99
I would recommend this module to other students 83.3 90
The module met my expectations 81.7 89
I enjoyed studying this module 80.9 89
Overall, I was able to keep up with the workload on this module 81.7 89
Faculty comment: "We are very pleased that a high proportion of respondents were satisfied with the quality of DD206 and their study experience. We particularly welcome that 88.2 % felt satisfied with the quality of the module. 91.7% of students felt that the module met its stated learning outcomes, which is a good indicator of effective teaching and learning. We have noted from feedback that 80.9% enjoyed studying the module. 75.2%, felt well supported throughout the module and 83.3% would recommend the module to other students. The module team is pleased about this positive student feedback which demonstrates that continuing pedagogic adjustments of the module materials in response to student feedback have been well received by the student body."
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