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Investigating psychology 1

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  • Points: 60
  • Code: DE100
  • Level: 1
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Student reviews

This is a very interesting if a little challenging year 1 module. The module materials are really well thought out and leads you through with all study skill tips you will need in later modules. The support from tutors is valuable.

I recommend asking your tutor where best to focus your attention if you fall behind, all is not lost.

I loved the chapter on psychology and the brain.

The assignments seem to come very close together in the later stages of the module and I found time management very important.

Overall a really interesting and worthwhile module.

Course starting: October 2021

Review posted: August 2022

This was a great introduction to psychology and was not too intense. I quite enjoyed this module and there was enough time to grasp the subjects.

Course starting: January 2021

Review posted: July 2022

I am so pleased I did this module. It was a great introduction to studying Psychology. Topics ranged across different psychological disciplines with engaging materials about real-life applications of Psychology. We would even have conducted our own research experiment but Covid-19 meant that this substantial piece of work was a bit different this year.

The guidance from my tutor was excellent, the materials were so well written and the tutor-marked assignments were well-paced in terms of complexity.

I cannot recommend this module enough. It's made me very excited about continuing my Psychology degree.

Mark Hodges

Course starting: October 2020

Review posted: July 2021

I found the topics very interesting, you learn a lot and at times found it challenging but if you put in the hard work then it's all worthwhile. The tutor support was very good, can not fault them.
I am not the most academic but I worked hard on this module and did better than I thought. This module prepared me for going onto my second year.

Course starting: October 2019

Review posted: June 2021

A very enlightening and engaging module. If you wish to study an introduction to psychology this is it. It provides a sound basis to introduce you to the concepts and theories that you can build upon and take into the next level. I would recommend this if psychology - in whatever discipline - is your career goal or just a personal interest - you won't be disappointed.

Course starting: October 2019

Review posted: March 2021

Good starting module for psychology. Not too heavy on the methods and statistics but really gives you a good insight into some of the background in psychology. The tutor-marked assignments were well structured and tutors were very supportive.

Course starting: October 2019

Review posted: February 2021

I did this module and 'Introducing the social sciences' (DD102) together as first time studying, I also have 2 children at home that I home educate, and I left school at 12 years old so have no such formal schooling.
I didn't know what to expect and didn't think I would pass the first year, yet my scores were good and I was proud of myself throughout.

I didn't enjoy the module I found it dreary and boring at points as I'm sure many modules have those parts but some of it I really enjoyed, I found the parts I really enjoyed and tried hard on I scored lower marks than if I was basically winging it because I found it boring!

I had to learn essay structuring and referencing which near gave me a heart attack but then it sort of fell into place after I mulled it over enough.
Thankfully I had a study buddy!

If I can do it anyone can, I passed with good scores on both and was very pleased the year was over after having a bad year with having to have chest surgery and my mother in law passing away a week apart in February then coronavirus and lockdown in March.... I'm thankful I didn't let any of it affect my work and hopefully it showed to my tutors!

I wasn't happy to get given a new tutor with only 2 more essays to go to the end and found I struggled having to build a relationship when I was so used to my old tutor, I do feel this impacted as I was nervous having my work judged by someone new who I hadn't been able to get to know!

I was glad it ended so I can transfer over to English Literature, psychology isn't for me but I'm glad I gave it a year to see properly about where I need to be instead of rushing in.

Kelly Johnson

Course starting: October 2019

Review posted: August 2020

I found this module really enjoyable and a good way to expand your knowledge on psychological practices and theories.

I found the reading manageable and the course is quite prescriptive so easy to work through and the instructions are clear as it is a Level 1 course.

It has prepared me well for the Psychology of childhood and youth (E219) module which I am currently studying.

Lucy Anne McLachlan

Course starting: October 2018

Review posted: March 2020

I found that this module was easy to follow, but was rather project heavy. This allowed opportunity to learn about report writing, but I would have loved a bit more case study focus. Overall though it was interesting and fun to be able to work with others.

Christiana Jacobi

Course starting: January 2019

Review posted: January 2020

This module was fantastic. I really enjoyed the module and found my tutor to be very good and easy to approach should I have needed to. I found that through out the module I didn't need to contact my tutor that much, however whenever I did I received great advice.
The materials were well written and I found them very interesting and clear and I was able to follow what they were meaning. thank you for a great start to studying with The Open University

Michelle Alice Karen McAllister

Course starting: January 2019

Review posted: November 2019

I found this module fascinating, and very good, it teaches you the basics of psychology and also how to do research and using qualitative and quantitive data.
I went to the day schools and also did the online tutorials as well, you get out of the module what you put in. Students were all helpful as well as the tutors as well. A well organised module.

Helen Sansome

Course starting: October 2018

Review posted: October 2019

I recently completed this module. I studied this module alongside DD102. Of the two modules, DE100 was my favourite. I loved attending day schools and meeting my wonderful tutor and fellow students. I loved the assignments. I loved that the quizzes provided on the website helped us prepare and get a good mark on the interactive computer-marked assignment. Which in turn helped us on final assignments. I loved writing the project report, it was really fun. It was great to try experiments and correlational studies for ourselves during the module.

Course starting: October 2018

Review posted: August 2019

I loved this module I found it to be very engaging and loved the assignment booklet that came with it. I found it to be a massive help with explaining what was required for each individual assignment this resulted in me being able to understand the assignments a lot better which helped me produce a better standard of work.
The topics you learn about throughout this module where really interesting however I did find the end-of-module assessment a bit of a struggle compared with my tutor-marked assignments but I still really enjoyed the over all module and feel its a brilliant starting point for anyone who has a strong interest in psychology.

Course starting: October 2018

Review posted: August 2019

I have just completed this module and found it enjoyable. Do not let the statistical part of the module put you off choosing this module, you are given guidance and the tutors are very supportive. Taking part in the research was also a good introduction to research methods. I would happily recommend this module.

Course starting: October 2018

Review posted: August 2019

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