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Exploring psychology

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  • Points: 60
  • Code: DSE212
  • Level: 2
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Student reviews

This module is a big step up from DSE141, so be prepared for a significant change in workload! Having said that, the course is very enjoyable. I also had a fantastic tutor who was very helpful(during this time I was going through a horrible situation both in my personal and work life)and she played a part in enabling me to get a pass 2.

My advice would be to start working on the materials as soon as they arrive, otherwise you may quickly fall behind.

Course starting: October 2013

Review posted: December 2013

This course seemed daunting at first - a methods textbook, two theory-based textbooks and a challenging psychological issues textbook, not to mention the DVD clips, the online activities and a statistics package! Well, good news: you can do it!

Whenever I began to feel overwhelmed by the workload, I (successfully) tried to remind myself to take it a week at a time. I'm not going to lie, I did get backed up on reading, but I found that if I sat for an hour and a half or two hours, I could get most of the reading done.

Please, please, please don't stress about the exam or the research projects beforehand! Everything is clearly explained in the assessment guidances. And fortunately for my group, our tutor was great support.

Also, make sure that you try to read at least a week ahead so that you have three good weeks to spread out your studying for the exam! For example, I made sure that week 1 of studying I would focus on specific chapters and summarised them. The commentaries are extremely valuable for a broader understanding of the topics. And I also found the summaries at the end of each chapter great for picking out key aspects of a perspective.

Week 2 I focused on chapters from the challenging psychological issues book (also summarised main points) And week 3, I risked learning 20 words from 45 for the definitions!
I understand that everyone has different ways of studying so my advice would be to make good notes right from the start! And the mock exams also help a lot (to get a basic overview of how the exam will be).

All in all, I wasn't expecting a distinction! And if I managed it, then so will you guys. It's an exciting module and I learnt so much about this broad broad broad subject! There were times when I hated a specific chapter, but when I came back later to reread it, I found myself comprehending the basic concepts.

Oh yes, and even if you aren't that great with numbers, the statistics chapters are there to explain every single thing precisely, so no worries.

I didn't know I would be this positive about the module at the start, but I want other students to believe me and take my advice to take each week at a time.

Course starting: September 2012

Review posted: October 2013

This module is a big jump from a 30-credit module. A lot of reading and research. It is easy to fall behind and you do end up having to re read material. The spss TMA is a shock to the system and the project work is challenging. Overall knowledge obtained floats around in your head for a long time after the module has ended.

I haven't completed exam yet and will do it in October. I have heard its hard. Make good notes as you go along it will help with exam revision and try to get a good understanding of the terms as you go along - all 72 of them! In short it's not an easy module but it is worth it at the end. Good luck.

Course starting: September 2012

Review posted: September 2013

I found this course interesting but at times extremely time consuming. The exam was not as bad as I thought. It was along time since I did an exam and I found the grading quite harsh- 6 TMAs to one exam and the result from the exam determined my overall grade.

Course starting: September 2012

Review posted: September 2013

I found DSE212 to be a really enjoyable course, however I was doing DSE141 alongside it and it got a bit stressful with the work-load and working full-time too.

I found a lot of the cognitive material a bit daunting and complex when I first read them, however, when returning to them for revision I found them more clear and interesting.

I would definitely suggest that you make notes as you go on the exam chapters (there is a minimum of three) so you know at least 3 inside and out as time is very limited at the end for revision.

A lot of reading to be done but worth it as it helps you throughout other modules too. Also, I had a really nice tutor, which helps.

John Ward

Course starting: September 2012

Review posted: September 2013

I found this course a lot of fun! The material was easy to read and understand, my tutor was very helpful and I used to love going to her tutorials. The assignments made me realise how much I like writing essays and by the end of the course, I was astonished that I had written such great essays! The exam was stressful but I managed to do well so overall, I was pleased with everything. I would highly recommend this course to everyone.

Aisha Uppal

Course starting: September 2012

Review posted: September 2013

A very enjoyable course. I would advise to make notes as you go through to help with the exam at the end, I didn't and wished I had. Lots of reading involved so before enrolling ensure you have the time to spend each week on the reading. Would recommend this course. very interesting!

Course starting: September 2012

Review posted: September 2013

Although I found this course very interesting I also found it very demanding. The project was quite hard and having to do 6 TMAs which was roughly one every month. I failed the exam and am doing a resit in October. Although it was hard I found that doing these courses you really do learn a lot.

Dawn Edworthy

Course starting: September 2012

Review posted: August 2013

This course is a step up from Level 1 and quite a fast pace, but covers a lot of information and is enjoyable. I found the contrast between projects and TMAs an interestng mix. The variety kept it fresh! The exam is not too hard. With plenty of revision and practice using past exam papers the exam is easier and less stressful. I was pleasantly surprised with my results at the end.

Tip: use the revision day at the end of the module. Study with a buddy if possible, especially the terms!

Catherine Michele Hitch

Course starting: September 2012

Review posted: July 2013

I enjoyed this course a great deal, learned a lot, and achieved a Distinction, much to my astonishment. The course covers a great deal of material, and is a good course to do if it is going to be the only Psychology module you study as it provides a good general introduction to the subject.

The TMAs were well-spaced and quite challenging, but generally well-supported and logical. I was particularly impressed by the course book on research techniques which explained extremely clearly an aspect of psychology I personally found particularly challenging. I thought the course was very well-organised and it seemed to have improved in this respect since my husband took the same module several years earlier.

The exam was surprisingly easy, I thought, and I got 96% which is higher than I've ever got for any exam in the past. I think this is because it was very well focused on specific chapters so students knew what to revise. I found the course books very clearly written, the material generally presented very clearly and in an interesting way. My only criticism of the books is that sometimes I wanted more detail or expansion of ideas, but the course covered such a vast array of topics that this wasn't possible or within its scope.

Overall, I would recommend this module very highly.

Course starting: October 2011

Review posted: March 2013

Really enjoyed the course, my first Level 2. There is a lot of reading but its very interesting. I did well on my TMAs but found the exam hard - I always do. I recommend you do the residential school rather that DZX222. DZX222 is very hard going and certainly not worth the 15 points you receive.

Course starting: October 2011

Review posted: January 2013

Wow, this module was a huge step up from level 1! There are a lot of TMAs, usually around 1 month apart - and the exam is pretty intense too.

But despite that, I learned such a vast amount of information - I would recommend this module to everyone with a real interest in psychology and of moderate to high essay and report writing skills.

This module covers statistics packages, discourse analysis, essay writing, experiments and exam style essays (which are so much quicker).
I have learned so much about memory from this course, that I went on to do a study in Flashbulb Memory for a quantative project as part of my degree!

Jessica Elizabeth Eaton

Course starting: October 2011

Review posted: November 2012

I found this course absolutely brilliant! This was my first course with the OU as had done 3 years of an Arts degree before.

My main piece of advice is keep up with the reading, for the first couple of weeks I was way ahead, then I fell behind as I thought it would be easy to catch up. All the material is extremely interesting and very much what I imagined the course to be before starting. As with any of the OU courses keep your head above water and you'll love every second!

Adam Lynas

Course starting: October 2011

Review posted: October 2012

This is a demanding course, and I would recommend that this is not the first Level 2 course that you take - it would be best to start with Child Development or Biological Psychology to get you used to the step up from Level 1 to Level 2.

That said the course team are fantastic, the materials are comprehensive and thorough (which makes it easy to follow and revise) and there is plenty of support from students and teachers.

I would strongly recommend attendance at the revision weekends, although I did not manage to attend the revision weekend for this particular course, with my experience of previous revision weekends I really wish I had.

This is overall a really interesting and encouraging course to do with OU.

Course starting: October 2011

Review posted: September 2012

This was my first OU module after a 10 year break from my first degree and I have to say that I loved every minute of it. There is a lot of reading to get through and potential students should be aware of the workload involved - the second half of the course requires TMAs to be submitted every 4-6 weeks so I would recommend avoiding extensions if at all possible.

I was able to fit the course around working approx. 45 hours a week in a non-stressful job. I did well in most of my TMAs and obtained an overall distinction which I was delighted with - it really did make all the hard work worthwhile! There is a high drop out rate for this module and I can understand why as it was very heavy going however if you stick in there you do have the potential to do very well.

I recommend attending as many tutorials and day schools as possible as I found them very relevant and helpful plus it was useful to meet other students. Overall, I found the course interesting, there was a good range of subjects to suit all interests and TMAs often involved a choice of questions to appeal to personal choice. I didn't use the OU forum much however I found great student support on the facebook group - a word of warning though that any information on the facebook group should always be checked with tutors.

Course starting: October 2011

Review posted: September 2012

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