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An introduction to health and social care

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  • Points: 60
  • Code: K101
  • Level: 1
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Student reviews

I have to say I really enjoyed the course. The material was easy to understand and the tutor support was second to none. I found the course challenging at times but never boring. I would recommend this course as I have most definitely learned a lot from it. Thanks to the support of open university and my amazing tutor. I'm now ready to move on to my next course.

Shirley Fulton

Course starting: October 2018

Review posted: July 2019

This was my first time studying after leaving formal education a long time ago. I was not confident at all, but I was pleasantly surprised. The support I received from the tutors was first class and I would recommend this module.

Course starting: October 2016

Review posted: June 2018

I found this to be a very enjoyable course for my first foray into education in over 25 years. The course is designed to take you back to basics, which was a godsend.

The skills I have learned from K101 will help me throughout later modules, because they have given me a good understanding of academic essay writing.

My tutor was helpful and gave really good constructive feedback about my essays, which helped me on later essays. I achieved a distinction for the module and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Angela Peacock

Course starting: October 2015

Review posted: January 2017

I really enjoyed the module. K101 is an introductory module for someone who needs fundamental knowledge in order to work in healthcare setting. The most positive aspect of the module is you have many options you can progress and the module will be counted towards your qualification.

Course starting: December 2015

Review posted: April 2016

I chose this module as it is relevant to my line of work, and needed this module to help me gain access to study mental health nursing at university, as the NVQ3 was not sufficient. I loved this module, I found it very interesting. I found the materials were very helpful and helped me a great deal when note taking for my essays. It covered very useful topics in relation to providing care. I found my tutor was very helpful, and helped me feel confident about sitting the exam, which I was very nervous about. I would recommend this module to anyone who works in the health and social care sector or to anyone who is interested in this line of work, or is looking to gain access in to higher education within the health care profession.

Natasha Boyce

Course starting: January 2015

Review posted: March 2016

General insight into health and social care. Quite an enjoyable course, informative reading and lots of activities to help with the course material.

Good level one course to then move forward onto more complex level two courses. I would recommend to anyone wanting to either gain knowledge in health and social care for work related opportunities or just general interest.

Sarah Clough

Course starting: October 2014

Review posted: December 2015

This course is a great introduction to health and social care for anyone working in the industry or for anyone hoping to. I found the course quite easy to read, and the assignments were not difficult. It has left me with a good basic knowledge and grounding that has really helped in my level 2 health and social care courses. There is an exam which you do need to study for in order to pass, but you are given several weeks to prepare for this. Overall I enjoyed the module which wasn't too taxing, and I passed with a distinction.

Hazel Mayger

Course starting: October 2014

Review posted: December 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this course, as it tied in with my work. I had to be very disciplined due to working shift patterns and fitting my studies around my days off, early and late. There were times when the module was very challenging but I was determined to complete it as I have to prove to myself I will achieve the qualification, my tutor was very supportive through out. I'm looking forward to choosing my next module.

Ermin Sahraoui

Course starting: October 2014

Review posted: August 2015

This course is fairly diverse but as a Childhood and Youth module it does not cover a great deal about children. However I found it interesting and the TMAs not too daunting. The ICMAs were straightforward. As long as you choose the books you are comfortable with for the exam you will do fine.

Course starting: February 2014

Review posted: January 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed this module, this was the first module I have studied with the open university.

It was really interesting and I found the case studies in particular really helpful, relating studies to real life events kept the module real and about people and life rather than just academics.

The material received for this module was brilliant, we received block books in the post which I thought were crucial to my studies, I am not always able to study online and without the books would have struggled.

My tutor was really helpful, and I felt at ease and supported through out.

I would highly recommend this module and my sister has even signed up for the same module this year.

Michelle Palmer

Course starting: October 2013

Review posted: November 2014

I did enjoy this course it was very interesting to do. The TMAs were ok as were the online mini TMAs. So long as you kept on top of the workload you were fine but when you fall behind even just slightly it can be difficult to catch up as there is a vast amount of reading to do. I had very good feedback from my tutor for assignments but they were hard to contact on times and alone and unsupported at times but I guess sometimes these things can't be helped. Overall a very good course I learned a lot.

Course starting: October 2013

Review posted: August 2014

I really enjoyed this module; at times the reading was a little heavy but the audio materials on the DVD were very helpful as was my tutor. It was an interesting module which made the learning and the TMAs more manageable.

I was so nervous about the exam but it was very manageable with lots of time dedicated to revision and support from tutors. I would recommend looking at past papers as these help you understand the way questions may be worded.

Course starting: October 2012

Review posted: June 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone working within the health or social care sectors.

I found the content interesting and relevant throughout. Some units and case studies were a little difficult emotionally to study such as how individuals were treated within institutions. Having said that you are advised beforehand you may find it distressing and the types of support you can access should you need to.

The forums are fantastic a wealth of information and support from fellow students and tutors.

I was extremely apprehensive about the exam however if you follow the course materials and the guidance of your tutor you are well prepared.

I also obtained certificate of competence in health and social care through this module which has enabled me to gain the job I wanted.

Course starting: October 2012

Review posted: April 2014

I found this was an interesting course, There are enough study materials that support the course. I learned a great deal about the wider community which has supported me in my current job and it has given me a better understanding with my practical approach with how I work. I have gained a voice to stand up for myself in the work place and others that are vulnerable. I would of liked more support from my tutor I felt quite alone at times, be prepared to do lots of reading and the mini exercises do help you think about what you are learning.

Course starting: February 2013

Review posted: February 2014

I found this a very interesting course, it is quite diverse, the course is divided into 6 blocks; the first talks about the different aspects of care and who gives it, family, healthcare services in hospitals and in the community and then social care. It discusses the carers difficulties, social, physical and financial and the benefits available, then discusses the cared for and the help that is available.

This really made me aware of the minefield that is out there and how difficult it can be for some people. The second block I found fascinating, it introduced life experiences; and how important it is for children in care to maintain their sense of identity through their own life stories. There is also a section on the old 'mental' institutions, which makes quite harrowing reading.

The third block talks about local communities and projects that the Government set up to help some of the most troubled and poorest communities. I thought I wouldn't find this interesting, but seeing how communities could turn around by empowering the locals and also reading how some societies really struggle, was enlightning. The Fourth block discussed disabling and abling environments and how this can affects people's abilities to have a more a more purposeful and a more active life, whether it is in their own home, hospital or a care home. It discussed good and poor care homes and the care that is provided.

The fifth block, could have been a dry subject about policies and protocols and accountability, but it wasn't. It shows why all of these are important and the different ways of recording information and communicating.

The last block was more factual and historic about how and why the NHS was formed and the Acts that followed. The exam, which I was dreading was not too bad. You don't have to remember everything, but choose 3 of the blocks, (although Block 6 was mandatory)and you could take a sheet in with you of notes of names/dates/Acts etc.

The course has A LOT of reading and it is best not to get behind. There are the obligatory TMAs which really help for the exam, in tightening up your essay writing. I feel this is a really good introduction into the world of health and social care.

Kirstie Turner

Course starting: October 2012

Review posted: January 2014

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