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Student and tutor module reviews

Exploring languages and cultures

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: L161
  • Level: 1

Student reviews

The content of the module was interesting. I could see the links between language and culture and what it was trying to achieve, although in part this was because I have lived and worked in another country other than my birthplace. Many areas were very interesting and covered a broad and balanced range of academic ideas.

The support from the OU was fantastic. My tutor was very good at giving feedback and conducting tutorials and helped me learn and improve. I was used to scientific academic practice but had to adapt to languages studies. Visiting other tutorials demonstrated that face-to-face teaching was of high quality. The materials were easy to access although the online app could be improved, as I could not always access it when I needed it (it appeared to need an internet connection) and the whole of the last book did not make it on my app.

Overall an interesting and well-taught module.

Keith Brown

Course starting: October 2018

Review posted: August 2019

The course was incredibly interesting and eased me into studying very quickly and comfortably.

I would recommend it to anyone, the tutor was very helpful and was always ready to answer any questions or queries.

The content of the course left me feeling eager to learn all throughout the year!

Julia Ksiazek

Course starting: October 2015

Review posted: August 2016

I studied L161 in its first presentation and this module seemed to be one which students either loved or hated. I already knew most of the content of a few units but I found a lot of the other material interesting and thought provoking. However now that I am attempting language modules at the higher levels I have realised just how useful it was for me to have studied this module beforehand.

The focus on academic writing has helped me to write my essays in the other languages and the actual content of L161 has given me a good insight into some of the material in my current level 3 module.
My advice to anyone studying this module is to maintain a sense of humour! If you feel you already know a lot of the information then think of it as easy points towards a degree.

Enjoy the units that interest you while using the module to fill in any gaps in your knowledge or academic skills. And don't over think the TMAs!

Course starting: October 2014

Review posted: February 2016

Please note

Each of the views expressed above is an individual's very particular response, largely unedited, and should be viewed with that in mind. Since modules are subject to regular updating, some of the issues identified may have already been addressed. In some instances the faculty may have provided a response to a comment. If you have a query about a particular module, please contact your Regional Centre.


Module satisfaction survey

The figures below are taken from a survey of students who sat the exam/completed the end-of-module assessment for the October 2016 presentation of L161. The survey was carried out in 2017.

171 students (a response rate of 22.4%) responded to the survey covering what they thought of 10 aspects of the module.

Please note that if the percentage of students who responded to this module survey is below 30% and/or the number of responses is below 23 it means that only a small proportion of students provided feedback and their views as shown here may not be fully representative of all students who studied the module.

See this page for the full text of questions and more information about the survey.

% Count
Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of this module 83.4 141
Overall, I am satisfied with my study experience 86.3 145
The module provided good value for money 66.9 107
I was satisfied with the support provided by my tutor/study adviser on this module 89.4 152
Overall, I was satisfied with the teaching materials provided on this module 86.4 146
The learning outcomes of the module were clearly stated 93.5 157
I would recommend this module to other students 74.7 124
The module met my expectations 73.9 122
I enjoyed studying this module 77.4 130
Overall, I was able to keep up with the workload on this module 83.3 140
Faculty comment: "The module team is pleased to see that students' responses to different aspects of the module was overall positive. Respondents noted the clarity of learning outcomes, appreciated the excellent support provided by their tutor, as well as the quality of teaching materials. Respondents found the workloads manageable and reported they were satisfied by the overall study experience. The team will continue to flag up the value for money aspects, highlighting the importance of this OU Level 1 module for further study and its applicability in everyday life and work contexts."
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