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Introducing statistics

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: M140
  • Level: 1
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Student reviews

Loved having books and online materials. Well laid out and clear. Tutorials were numerous although could not access all of them. Minitab (free version) found problematic to load but instructions were easy to follow for using it. Timing approximations about right.

Course starting: October 2021

Review posted: August 2022

The module has well-written contents, practical examples, and ideal tutorials to help you quickly learn statistical concepts, statistical techniques for exploring data, communication of results, statistical vocabulary and methodologies. Using Minitab during studies is a great way to know one of the best software in the market. Only one suggestion for the next update is to add a Microsoft Excel activity to teach the most used app in the market.

At the end of the module, you will be comfortable solving any statistics problems and be comfortable thinking like a statistician.

Erkan Malcok

Course starting: October 2021

Review posted: July 2022

I chose this module to complete my full credits for OU level 1 and found it very interesting as I gained a better understanding of basic statistics.

Margaret Mackett

Course starting: December 2021

Review posted: July 2022

A good introduction to the world of statistics. I found the tasks relatively easy to complete, but it took a while to get used to using minitab and I had to keep referring to the manual. I still don't feel like I've got to grips with using it, but as I won't need to use it again this isn't a problem for me.

I must admit, I was erring on the statistics side of my degree, but I've realised it's too dry for me. I managed to gain a distinction and in comparison to 'Essential mathematics 1' (MST124) this felt like a bit of light relief.

Course starting: February 2019

Review posted: August 2020

Really enjoyed this module but a lot of number work. Tutor was fantastic and always provides best assistance. Don't need any previous module experience but a basic understanding of numbers is required.

Donard Breadon

Course starting: October 2019

Review posted: August 2020

I very much enjoyed M140. There was the option for an early start, so I managed to get ahead.

As with all the OU maths modules I have completed to date, the study materials were very well written and guided you through the techniques.

The assignments were very straight forward and similar worked examples were found in the study materials, making it pretty easy to achieve a decent mark.

I did GCSE and A-Level Statistics back in the 90s so the content was familiar with only a couple of exceptions.

Minitab 17 is quite dated, would be good to get a more up-to-date product.

Helen Ghosh

Course starting: October 2019

Review posted: August 2020

To say M140 was a walk in the park would be a slight exaggeration, and is in no way intended to be disrespectful to a highly successful presentation; which I did feel was reasonably accessible to a wide range of student backgrounds. On reflection, there were many useful elements of practical use like the normal distribution, standard deviation and probability theories which were not only interesting in and of themselves but also provided a basis for future advancement at OU level 2.

The end-of-module assessment was highly enjoyable, particularly as it contained material relevant to my own past-time interests which served to make the exercises very meaningful. Also, the tutor-marked assignments covered a wide range of topics that had practical everyday significance such as hypothesis testing covering a basic sign test and other more sophisticated methods. You don't have to be a maths genius to pass but I would like to say it would be of value to someone who is able to transfer any M140 learning materials into everyday practical use.

If you struggle with some elements of the coursework, for example the computer work, this ought not to be a barrier to gaining a decent final grade. Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank all the coursework team of M140 for providing a thoroughly successful, enjoyable and respectable module.

John Graham Owen

Course starting: February 2019

Review posted: March 2020

If you have never been introduced to statistical ideas before and are looking to study statistics, this module is essential and provides a strong foundation.

If you are familiar with statistical ideas from previous studies and are not following a pathway where M140 is compulsory, this module may not be worth your time.

Despite some of the interesting ideas and contexts introduced, I found this module quite boring. The assessments were very easy and I did not gain much satisfaction from completing them. As an introductory OU level 1 module, it does not assume more than a basic knowledge of mathematics (e.g algebra and percentages).

Analysing data (M248) feels like the real introduction to statistics, although some may argue that the two modules differ significantly in their goals. Ideas I found confusing in M140 were presented more clearly in M248, and I can't help but feel that the simplification in M140 actually made things worse.

Course starting: February 2018

Review posted: January 2019

This is a great introduction to statistics. The material was well written and I would like to give the mini video-casts a mention as I found them an excellent resource which really helped with the tutor-marked assessments.

The teaching was also excellent with great advice and support.

If you're preparing to do this module then I'd take a quick look at conditional probability, normal distribution and the many different types of statistical tests (z-test, chi-square test, t-test etc).

In general a positive experience.

David Shaw

Course starting: February 2018

Review posted: November 2018

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