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Mathematical methods and fluid mechanics

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: MST326
  • Level: 3
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Student reviews

MST326 is a very applied module which I thoroughly enjoyed. I would say that half of the course is mathematical methods around solving PDEs and vector calculus whilst the other half is fluid mechanics. Navier-Stokes equations are a major part of this module so a solid understanding is essential. There is a lot of heavy calculus involved here, and I feel some prior knowledge of basic fluid mechanics would be helpful.
Books are well-written and there were plenty of online tutorials by various tutors. The exam was very fair and you do have a choice of questions to answer in part B.
The forums were well-supported and questions were answered promptly.
My only gripe with the course is that I would have loved to see more mathematical methods, but that's just my own personal preference. Also, I feel more videos would be helpful as I found some fluid mechanics concepts quite challenging to understand from the book. There are some videos on the module website but they were very dated.
MST326 builds naturally from 'Mathematical methods, modules and modelling' (MST210), though fluid mechanics isn't covered in MST210. Having said that, the mathematical methods of MST224 also provide a good foundation for MST326.
All in all, I would thoroughly recommend.

Course starting: October 2022

Review posted: September 2023

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