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Graphs, networks and design

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: MT365
  • Level: 3
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Student reviews

This was my second to last module, I wish I could have ended with this one as It would have meant going out on a 'high'. For me it was a thoroughly, engaging and rewarding course and the tutors were both exceedingly knowledgeable and supportive.This was by far my most enjoyable module.

Some people have said that they did not feel the module stretched them as much as other OU level 3 modules but I found it was in the detail and in deepening an understanding beyond what was being presented where my skills and ability to apply them were tested.

The forum was fully utilised, with engaging commentary from student and tutors and there is a plethora of supporting resources to enable you to extend your understanding beyond the course text books. I liked the format of the course material which has a separate book for each subsection of the syllabus, the additional materials were an enhancement rather than a necessity as the text books themselves are more than sufficient to ensure you do well in this module. I found the etutorial recordings in particular most useful to support tutor-marked assignment work. The feedback provided by my tutor was invaluable as was the verbal feedback in the live online tutorials.

I enjoyed the variety of the module and the real life application of the ideas presented, including Spanning Trees, Network flows, and Coding to name a few.

A huge thank you to Bridget, Noel and the team for all your help and encouragement especially in these unprecedented times.

Course starting: October 2019

Review posted: August 2020

Several reviewers describe MT365 as a relatively easy '30-pointer'. That wasn't my experience. I very much enjoyed it but there is a lot of content, and not much connection between that content (which often seemed to me to be a form of advanced geometry) and other mathematics I've studied. True, because much of it is unfamiliar several units start with very simple basics and this is reflected in some fairly easy exam questions. But to get a distinction is another thing altogether. So maybe it is easier to pass but harder to do very well in. Or maybe it's just me. One final thing - brush up on techniques for mathematical proofs. This isn't really covered in the course but is important for both the assignments and the exam.

John Schofield

Course starting: October 2018

Review posted: December 2019

A very varied and interesting course that is hard work but rewarding. The final exam is a fair conclusion to the year. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course, and as a new maths teacher found it very useful as a background to the Discrete modules at A Level.

Course starting: February 2002

Review posted: September 2004

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