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Electronics: signal processing, control and communications

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: T312
  • Level: 3
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Student reviews

I studied this module as part of Q78 Top Up from an HND Mech Eng.
Consequently, I only had a minimal background in electronics, I was a bit worried about that and thought I would struggle however because I was interested in the content I went for it anyway.
Because it is so well written I found it to be a really enjoyable module, challenging at times but nothing too complicated. The level of mathematics needed is mainly algebra and a bit of calculus although only to A level and the amount of knowledge you get from the module and the way it's all concisely written is great.
I would have liked book 2 to go into more mathematical modelling examples though and also more practise questions and examples would have been useful.
I'd consider it my favourite module from any I've studied so far! especially book 2 Control Theory which I found really valuable, its a gem of a book and worth its weight in gold if you're struggling to learn Control Theory.
Trying to get hold of a good book which explains the theory behind it is very difficult, they're nearly always way too technical but this book was perfect, it took me from not knowing much about it to being able to understand enough to create my own basic control solutions.
All the books are well written and I'm sure those more interested in Signal Processing or Communications would say the same about the other books, I just happened to enjoy the Control area a lot more. If you have a basic background in electronics and want to go that extra step then this is the module to go for.

Course starting: October 2020

Review posted: July 2021

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