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Introduction to computing and information technology 2

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: TM112
  • Level: 1
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Student reviews

The module was broad enough to introduce me to a wide range of topics in computing from logic, binary, computer hardware design, coding in Python to thinking about security considerations in data storage. All of which helped to shape my choices going forwards. My tutor offered excellent support and the tutorials were well attended with a lively forum for discussions. If you have some confidence or experience with online coding courses and work with computers in an admin or tech support sense at all, then this is a great first module if 'Introduction to computing and information technology 1' (TM111) looks too basic. An excellent module.

Justin Coleman

Course starting: April 2018

Review posted: March 2019

I completed this after studying Introduction to computing and information technology 1 (TM111) and found this to be much more interesting. The programming section was especially fun and well written in the text books.
I thought the ordering of the work was a little odd at times, the previous module presented each theme in a chunk completing one before starting another however in this module one week could be programming and something entirely different the next. The workload itself was very easy to keep up with, not overly demanding. If you are new to computing and IT I would say it would be beneficial to study TM111 and TM112.

Course starting: April 2018

Review posted: November 2018

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