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Contract law and tort law

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  • Points: 60
  • Code: W202
  • Level: 2
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Student reviews

I have to say that I had an impression that doing an Open University degree would not have the same standards as a traditional bricks and mortar university. The standard of the W202 module is probably higher than any other university. My module tutor was exceptional - his comments were encouraging but also they provided really good guidance for how I could improve. The only issue I had with the module was that the books were slightly outdated and lacked detail necessary for some of the assignments, therefore you have to read much more widely to get the really high results.

The assignments on this module were really well considered comprising a mix of problem solving and traditional assignments giving those completing it an opportunity to display a range of skills.

Overall, this degree and this module are excellent value for money.

Course starting: October 2019

Review posted: August 2020

I really enjoyed the content of this module, it gives a good basis to the world of contract and tort law. The assignments were well structured and spread out to leave enough time between to ensure you could fully learn the topics.

The problem questions especially were particularly riveting so you could practise actually applying the law to scenarios to test your knowledge of a subject as opposed to just writing a standard essay on them.

The only downside was the lack of feedback available on the exam results so there was no guidance on what you would need to improve in your next exam to get a better grade.

Course starting: October 2017

Review posted: February 2019

Faculty response

The point you've raised regarding the exam has been a common query we've receive from students and understandable. The framework for giving feedback on an exam script has been based upon 4 headings (criteria) such as Cognitive Skills where the student is classified as either ‘A’ – ‘D’. So the student got feedback on their exam skills but there is no actual qualitative data captured in the sense of feedback.
As a result we are replacing the exam with an end-of-module assessment from October 2019 onwards and this will allow the student to have full feedback on their final piece of assessment.

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