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Student and tutor module reviews

Science, technology and maths Access module

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: Y033
  • Level: Postgraduate

Student reviews

After achieving nothing at school, then suffering the consequences for more than twenty years after, I was a bit dubious if I could take to studying. I needn't have worried. I loved this course.

The tutor was as helpful as could be and I ended up walking away with a distinction... my first ever qualification.

I am now well into a degree course and couldn't have been better prepared.

Go for it!

Aaron Metcalfe

Course starting: October 2014

Review posted: April 2016

Wanting to study for a science based honours degree and having not studied for 30 years I thought a refresher course was urgently needed. Y033 seemed like it might be the way forward.

The course was brilliant and it really helped me get into the swing of studying (i.e. meeting deadlines and writing to specific word limits) after so many years. The course manuals were well laid out and my tutor was very helpful and encouraging.

If you are thinking about studying something science based, and are not sure if you are up to it, this course is definitely for you.

Anthony Lee

Course starting: February 2014

Review posted: July 2015

Interesting module comprising of science maths and design. However these subjects are introduced at a very basic level which at times did not present a challenge.
I did find this course fully prepared me for my future studies in such areas as TMA format and submission,finding my way around OU student home and OU library. Having this prior knowledge when starting my degree meant it was a little less stressful in the beginning.
Overall enjoyable however varies greatly and was slow paced at times for me.

Course starting: October 2013

Review posted: June 2015

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Each of the views expressed above is an individual's very particular response, largely unedited, and should be viewed with that in mind. Since modules are subject to regular updating, some of the issues identified may have already been addressed. In some instances the faculty may have provided a response to a comment. If you have a query about a particular module, please contact your Regional Centre.


Module satisfaction survey

The figures below are taken from a survey of students who sat the exam/completed the end-of-module assessment for the October 2016 presentation of Y033. The survey was carried out in 2017.

111 students (a response rate of 20.3%) responded to the survey covering what they thought of 10 aspects of the module.

Please note that if the percentage of students who responded to this module survey is below 30% and/or the number of responses is below 23 it means that only a small proportion of students provided feedback and their views as shown here may not be fully representative of all students who studied the module.

See this page for the full text of questions and more information about the survey.

% Count
Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of this module 94.5 104
Overall, I am satisfied with my study experience 98.2 108
The module provided good value for money 88 88
I was satisfied with the support provided by my tutor/study adviser on this module 94.4 102
Overall, I was satisfied with the teaching materials provided on this module 96.3 104
The learning outcomes of the module were clearly stated 95.4 104
I would recommend this module to other students 93.6 103
The module met my expectations 88.2 97
I enjoyed studying this module 94.5 104
Overall, I was able to keep up with the workload on this module 92.7 101
Faculty comment: The Y033 module team were really pleased to see that 94.5% of the respondents were satisfied with the overall quality of the module and that 96.3% were satisfied with the module materials. We were also pleased to receive so many positive comments about studying Y033 and that so many students felt they had received great support from their tutors. A small number of students reported feeling less confident in their study skills in relation to the online material and we are looking for additional ways to support students to study effectively online.
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