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The music dissertation

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  • Points: 60
  • Code: A877
  • Level: Postgraduate
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Student reviews

The A877 part of the MA in Music followed on naturally from A871 for me. In fact, with the guidance of my tutor, I used some of the A871 TMAs to explore some of the basic themes that I developed further in my A877 Dissertation. By the time you reach A877 you should have a good idea of the type of research areas that are most likely to fit in with the themes of the MA in Music. The course is assessed only on the final product - the Dissertation - but you will get feedback for draft sections, which are submitted as TMAs.

The OUSA forums have been good for developing some sense of community, though I've noticed that this year's (2006) A871 site has been largely inactive, which is a pity, as I've found all my three years' forums active and helpful. I think it is most important that all students make a determined effort to make sure that these forums work.

The whole MA in Music has been revelatory for me, and extremely enjoyable. I've loved the course, and have had two very helpful and efficient tutors. My only problem is in deciding what to do next with my new-found skills and knowledge!

Brian Moore

Course starting: February 2006

Review posted: December 2006

I think the Music OU staff have supported my efforts and helped me in more ways than I could have imagined when I started in 2003. They should all be applauded for their help and support. A special thank you to all you tutors from 2003-2006. A special mention to the course managers who have always been so professional in their communications.

Robert Connolly

Course starting: February 2005

Review posted: October 2006

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