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Discovering psychology

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: DSE141
  • Level: 1
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Student reviews

This was the first module that I had studied with the OU and I did it alongside DD131. I feel that these two modules went together really well and encouraged me to go further with my studies.

I really enjoyed DSE141 - I found it fascinating. I found myself reading the book for fun rather than feeling that it was 'work'.

The tutorials and day schools were useful as my tutor wasn't always very good at checking his emails! This meant I could talk to other tutors if I had any issues and didn't feel abandoned! The forums were also extremely useful for asking for help from other students or getting their opinions on things.

Course starting: October 2012

Review posted: March 2014

From the moment I first opened the text book, right through to the end, I throughly enjoyed this course. I found the content fascinating and it inspired me to want to learn more.

The online content was really good and helped develop my understanding of the text. My tutor was fantastic. I personally cannot fault this course at all, but there is some maths and statistics involved, although nothing too taxing.

Louise Craig

Course starting: February 2013

Review posted: February 2014

I have never studied psychology before but I had learned quite a bit about it from picking up snippets here and there, so I already knew about some of the studies etc (Pavlov, for example). I read the module material in one week while on holiday, before the course had even started, it was that readable! If I had to find a downside to anything it would be analysing the different types of experiments (the terms used etc.) but this is an integral part of psychology. 9.5 out of 10. I've knocked half a mark off because I read the book before the end of the holiday. Thanks OU!

Jane Elizabeth England

Course starting: October 2012

Review posted: February 2014

I would highly recommend this course. The course covers a wide range of subjects and while it doesn't get bogged down in details it gives a good basic understanding of the main areas of psychology.

I thought the materials were well written and interesting. It uses a good variety of materials which hold your attention well.

Course starting: May 2012

Review posted: December 2013

I really liked this course. It was interesting and I found the TMAs manageable. This was my first module with the OU and I hadn't studied for 15 years. This was a good entry level course and I am pleased that I chose this as my first course to do.
The tutors were really good and gave lots of helpful advice.

Course starting: October 2012

Review posted: November 2013

I liked this course, very interesting and a very good preface to the just ended SD226. It does take time and due to my circumstances I could not do it justice, but that is not a reflection on the course.

Course starting: May 2012

Review posted: October 2013

I absolutely loved this course and would highly recommend it to anyone with a personal/professional interest in psychology. The material in the book is clearly explained and truly fascinating. I especially liked learning about the study on obedience by Migram. It was amazing to see to what lengths us human beings are willing to go in order to obey authoritative figures, very scary indeed!

Also, my tutor was absolutely brilliant and helpful as she posted a summary of the topics discussed during day school on the cluster tutorial forum so that no one missed out. It was invaluable help to me as unfortunately I was unable to attend the group sessions.

Overall a great course with essays well spaced out giving you enough time to prepare.

Alessia Bosher

Course starting: October 2012

Review posted: October 2013

I found this course really interesting, the course material was very well set out and the tutors extremely helpful.

The study planner really set out each week even in terms of when to do filing or research so there wasn't a need to work out what you should be doing.

Our region held 'elluminate' tutorials weekly and these were invaluable as it meant taking part in discussions on the course work and themes.

As a step up from Level 1 I expected to find the course much harder but I really would say if you are prepared to follow the planner and put in the time its a great introduction to the subject and probably well within the means of most Level 1 students to pass.

Sandra Baxter

Course starting: May 2012

Review posted: August 2013

I found the pace of this course very slow and I think that my lack of engagement was reflected in my low marks!

However my tutor was great and tutorials and day schools were interesting and informative. I have found that things studied in this course have been useful in other courses I have taken such as Conditioning and behaviorism.

Tracy Hickson

Course starting: May 2012

Review posted: August 2013

This is a very engaging and thought provoking course right from the start. I found it far more interesting than I thought it would be. The one course book is very well written and illustrated, along with the online audio and video materials which brings it all to life.

The three areas the module deals with are - why do people do harm to others? using Stanley Milgrim's infamous experiment to explore the dark side of human nature. Followed by an equally dark insight into Harry Harlow and his 'quest' towards understanding attachment. The third part deals with the brain which was fascinating also.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed this module I found it quite harrowing at times and it makes no apologies for that. I can now appreciate how some of these terrible experiments paved the way towards incorporating ethics and strict guidelines in human and animal experiments and feel that these are valuable lessons for us all. I wont continue with Psychology as a stand-alone subject however I did learn a lot from it and recommend it highly.

Sandra Mitchell

Course starting: October 2012

Review posted: August 2013

I really enjoyed this module. The TMAs were challenging but enjoyable from the start. I felt I learned a lot and was lucky to have an excellent tutor who would answer an email query no matter the time. I was please to gain an excellent mark at the end even though I started out on a mediocre score. The module feedback pleased me telling me I was showing excellent skills for Level 2 study, given that before the start of the module I hadn't written an essay in 20 years I was very pleased with this. All in all a really good course with well laid out text book and good online activities.

Alice Burns Smith

Course starting: October 2012

Review posted: July 2013

I found this course hard work but throughly enjoyable. I was lucky to have a tutor who was extremely helpful. I would recommend this course to other students depending on their choice. This course taught me a lot about human behaviour.

Course starting: January 2013

Review posted: June 2013

I throughly enjoyed this course. It covered all the main areas of psychology in enough depth to get a good understanding but without getting bogged down. I found the book very well written and easy to read and the online materials were useful and complimented the book well.

Overall this is an excellent course which I would highly recomend.

Course starting: May 2012

Review posted: April 2013

Although I had never done any science based courses with the OU, I found this an interesting challenge. My tutor was brilliant, and as I cannot attend tutorials, she kept in touch and encouraged me throughout the study period. The book was very well written, set out and the index was easy to use. Some OU books still do not have an index! Recommended course.

Janet Edith Godden

Course starting: May 2012

Review posted: April 2013

This course was quite good. I'd already done the Y183 Openings course and it gave me the desire to do a longer course. However, I think I was spoiled by the fantastic tutor I had on that course, because the one I had on this one, although helpful completely 'vanished' after TMA02 and so I had no support for the third TMA or the EMA.

From the coursework point of view I found it very interesting and the textbooks weren't too dull and heavy going. I did struggle with structuring the essays as it was over 30 years since I'd last written one! Finding the appropriate information for note making was easy and clear.

I'd recommend this course as a first step into studying psychology and/or counselling as it gives an excellent insight into how the brain works and how we think.

Course starting: November 2011

Review posted: February 2013

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