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Sport and exercise psychology: a case study approach

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: E233
  • Level: 2
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Student reviews

An enjoyable, well-structured course which gave an insight into modern sports psychology using a mix of theory and practice. Some of the case studies were fascinating (have a look at the disfunctional wheelchair-rugby team) but some others in the study guide seemed a bit contrived. I tried to read around each subject using the reference lists and this helped in answering TMAs and in the final exam, which is an open book exam and so tests application to examples more than remembering.

My own coaching has improved as a result of following this course. I use the psychological skills training discussed in the final unit and I have a greater understanding of what-it-takes to be an elite athlete from the mental-game persepective. I particularly liked the sections on anxiety, on self-confidence, and on concentration and was able to apply this learning to situations in my own sport. Learning about associative and dissociative attention was a real leap forward for me.

I recommend this course to coaches and trainers wishing to broaden their knowledge of sport.

Roger Graham Homyer

Course starting: October 2010

Review posted: April 2012

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