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Viento en popa: upper intermediate Spanish

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  • Points: 60
  • Code: L204
  • Level: 2
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Student reviews

This was a great and enjoyable course, but quite a step up from L140 as it focused more on good academic writing and language structures. The topics presented in the Units were very interesting and offered good general knowledge on many cultural aspects of several Spanish speaking countries. I also enjoyed the tutorials, both face to face and online ones.

I did not go to the residential week in Spain for personal reasons, but I was offered an online alternative experience which I found suited me best. I was offered four extra online tutorials where we did group exercises and a good amount of speaking practice, all very enjoyable.

However, the written examination was a bit tough. It is not that easy to write down a good argumentative essay in only three hours! So, I would suggest lots of practice beforehand in order to get it right with the timing.

Personally, I think it would be good if the final assessment also covered the speaking/listening aspects of the language.

All in all, I can say I am happy I did this course and I would recommend it.

Course starting: October 2014

Review posted: December 2015

The course was more interesting than the German level 2 I took, and covers the whole Spanish world. The summer school was fun, but no grammar support sessions for those of us still working on grammar. It certainly expanded my vocabulary and confidence with written spanish.

Peter Xavier Humphreys

Course starting: February 2014

Review posted: July 2015

This was my first language course with The Open University. My Spanish background came from travelling and lessons in south America and some evening classes so The Open University was a big change. The material is excellent - great videos about interesting subjects with an easy to follow book. I got a lot of support from my tutor who was very professional and never made anyone feel stupid in tutorials for saying completely the wrong thing.

The highlight of the course was the summer school in Spain which really consolidated all our learning and which was a really positive experience.

My only issue with this course would be the constant difficulties with eluminate which made every tutorial a trial as at least one student would be struggling with the program. The open university really need to find a different, more user-friendly program to run tutorials with.

In summary I would recommend this course to Spanish learners. As with all courses it is important to keep up with the work but at this stage it begins to become a pleasure as the subjects are varied and interesting. They included literature, architecture, ecology and you are supported by your tutor and other members of your group to seek out other learning opportunities for example reading Wikipedia online, listening to radio and getting access to material that just isn't always translated into English.

Course starting: February 2012

Review posted: August 2013

This is a well taught course, the materials were very useful. Although a bit nervous of the residential school, it was very beneficial, and well worth going to. Try to make use of Elluminate as much as possible to practice the language.

Course starting: February 2011

Review posted: January 2012

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