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Advanced mathematical methods

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: M833
  • Level: Postgraduate
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Student reviews

The course is very well structured and it is just fun! I am following mainly a pure root in term of courses, but I wanted to try an applied one for a change...what a course, I cannot rate it highly enough! There are a lot of applications and techniques that I had not seen before, like accelerated convergence of series, perturbation theory just to name a few. The Green function and its application is so well explained that just for that it is worth choosing it!

The theory is there too, with a lot of exercises to test your understanding. The use of Maple is a very nice touch and in my opinion it is a great addition to any mathematician toolbox, making the course even more pleasant, modern and relevant.

Tutors are great as usual, great revision weekends which I strongly suggest to attend.

The exam was absolutely fair and it was in line with the TMAs and specimen questions.

All in all, a fantastic course, I recommend it even if you are following a pure root, do not miss it!

Marco Maria Bellocchi

Course starting: October 2015

Review posted: November 2016

If you're interested in learning how to use advanced mathematical software - currently Maple is used - to solve either problems with analytic solutions or to get numerical solutions quickly, then this course will interest you.

It isn't however a programming course. The majority of the course is concerned with paper and pencil advanced mathematical techniques. The course text, written by Professor Richards, is not easy and does, initially, jump about when aspects of Maple are introduced. However, his course notes, together with the comprehensive exercises and solutions, really help. Support via the course website and tutors (including a helpful introduction to Maple and screencasts) was excellent.

I expect to find a masters level course demanding. It was and I enjoyed it.

David John Whitehouse

Course starting: February 2012

Review posted: November 2013

A tricky start to this, spending all my time programming (in Maple) when I thought I was studying a maths course. However, the time spent learning Maple is amply repaid in subsequent modules, allowing me to check results I have computed.

The rest of M833 reverted to type, using Maple to evaluate solutions to various problems. In many ways this is modern maths - i.e. using computers to solve more complex problems. Highly recommended for the 'applied' student.

David Francis Le Brun

Course starting: February 2012

Review posted: May 2013

I enjoyed this course, it really helped that I know how to program (I am a professional developer), but you're not going to like Maple as a programming environment. It does, however, show off the power of these type of tools in solving certain types of maths problems.

The book is very well written, is good but elementary for Maple so I would recommend a reference book of Maple or the Maple website (I prefer a book), and it's a very good on the Maths, the examples/exercises range for easy to difficult, but answers for all are available. You really don't need any other book, everything you need is there, in fact the course notes are really answer notes, since the book is pretty much self explanatory!

The TMAs are very doable and the exam reflects the TMA and Specimen paper, however, not having a TMA question on the final section I believe is a mistake, as a question on the subject was on the exam.

Like most of the MSc Maths courses I have done it is highly recommended, especially if you know how to solve problems using programming techniques, but you still need to know the Maths though :0)

Course starting: February 2009

Review posted: June 2010

The textbook is easy to follow with plenty of white space and examples. The solutions to the textbook excercises supplied on CD were very helpful.

TMA's were accessible with the odd tricky bit. The first double-weighted TMA on MAPLE was time consuming, but very rewarding.

The examination was fair and only covers the non-computer element.

Course starting: February 2004

Review posted: January 2005

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