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Technologies for digital media

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: T325
  • Level: 3
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Student reviews

Overall this module is very interesting and varied.

Block one on enabling technologies goes through a variety of technologies from batteries to fuel cells, to LCD screens to Audio coding. I found this relatively easy and the TMA for this was long and required a lot of effort.

Block two was on Intellectual propery and covered issues such as copyright, trade marks, digital watermarks, digital fingerprints and digital rights management. This was hard going and there was lots of articles and websites to work through during the block and TMA.

Block three was probably the hardest on mobile broadband. It covered evolution of mobile phones including all the protocols and technologies used and this block involved a lot more calculations. The TMA for this was again a long one and required a lot of work.

The exam was fairly predictable compared to previous years and overall I got a distinction and so was happy.

Overall a great module.

Andrew Scott

Course starting: February 2012

Review posted: December 2012

I have to say this course was tough going and I come from an IT background. If you are studying this course for an ICT degree (B38) and have no prior experience of digital technology get ready for a tough ride.

However, I found the course very interesting and most informative, especially Block 2 - intellectual property and security issues. It will most certainly ground you for future higher level study in computing technology or a career in IT. Although I worked in IT for a number of years I never managed to learn and understand most of these very basic fundamentals about wireless and terrestrial technology. I sadly could not sit the exam and did not pass this course, but did pass the course work even though I also missed the final TMA.

Life is full of surprises and what I would say is make sure you can sit the exam for this course if you want to pass and make sure if you are family committed that you have 100% support before you even register for the course. Your life will no longer be your own and a masters degree in juggling would come in handy. On the whole I did enjoy it, but it was hard work and you will feel at times (if you are new to technology) as if you have made a horrible mistake. It's hard going get ready.

Course starting: February 2009

Review posted: January 2010

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