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Institutional development

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  • Points: 30
  • Code: TU872
  • Level: Postgraduate
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Student reviews

This is probably the most important course in the Development Management programme. Its name does little to reveal the true purpose of this course. After spending a few weeks working out what is meant by institutions, the course begins to fall into place.

So why is this the most important? First of all it is a hard course, there are few ready answers and it starts tackling when development happens and how development happens and how we can make development happen. This is not easy.

If you've studied TU871 and TU875 you will be familiar with the 'world of problems' that development managers seek to tackle. If you've studied TU870 you will be familiar with the tools that development managers use. At the end of these courses you may still be thinking how do I make that 'good change' or contribute to 'good change' or make some sort of difference.

TU872 is the start of the answer to that question. By looking at institutions as the vehicle for making the good change we encountered in TU870.

This is a complex course with difficult ideas. But by giving you a framework to answer the question 'how can development happen?' it provides you with tools to make a difference.

It is hard, at times dry, but ultimately uplifting as hopefully you will have the ideas and tools to tackle the world of problems.

Christopher Fyfe

Course starting: May 2012

Review posted: April 2013

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