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Engineering: an active introduction

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  • Points: 10
  • Code: TXR120
  • Level: 1
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Student reviews

I took TXR120 at the end of my studies having already done TXR220 sometime ago so for me it was just an easy week away from family life playing student and it was great!

Some of the lecturers have being running them for years so they are very slick and engaging, some are relatively new and need some development.

The bridge activity is great fun and interesting, I did this with tutors who were also our tutors for the chocolate project, for me those guys also contributed significantly the enjoyablity of the modules.

The energy conversion module was also very interesting and involving.

I would recommend taking this module along side T173 as its very easy and will prepare you for some of the material in T207.

Its also important to rough your TMA answers out the night after the module, it saves much work later on.

Lee Parker

Course starting: May 2013

Review posted: December 2013

The pre-course prep is quite easy. The week is well organised and the labs focus more on the process of experimental work rather than being too academically challenging. The EMA can be completed during the week if you write up the days activity that evening, so you can come home with no 'extra' work to do!

The whole point of the course is to work with people you've never met before and produce a little work along the way. I'm doing the Level 2 course this year and meeting up with people I worked with on TXR120. All in all an excellent course.

Course starting: May 2011

Review posted: July 2012

Brilliant course overall. Some lectures were a little tedious, and there were some lectures where we studied things from T173. But in saying that, TXR120 complemented T173 pretty well and I would recommend doing them in the same year.

Unfortunate for me to dislocate my knee half way through the week, but that was ok as I had tutors fetching me my breakfast & I got some more space at the bar.

Best words of advice...after the day is finished, crank out your notes into a rough answer for the particular EMA question and life will be easier when it comes to submission time.

Mark John Jasinski

Course starting: May 2011

Review posted: March 2012

When I was first entertaining the idea of working towards a degree with the OU I was a little put off by the thought of having to attend the residential schools. A week away from home in the company of total strangers was a little scary. I had no idea what to expect or what would be expected of me.

Looking back, it seems strange now. The whole experience was very positive and encouraging and not even slightly intimidating. Everything was very well organised and the activities where interesting and educational, you are kept very busy throughout the day and the whole week goes by quickly.

The lectures in the evening are optional and the work through the week doesn't depend on them but they are interesting and well worth going to. Tuesday afternoon was left free to give you chance to catch up with any other work or go out and explore the city.

Accommodation on campus is basic but comfortable though I would recommend taking an extra pillow. There's a good convenience shop on site which should cover anything you forget to take with you.

Daniel Merrall

Course starting: May 2011

Review posted: January 2012

At first I was a little worried about going on an Open University residential course but it was really unfounded. I met a great bunch of people at Bath University and had an excellent week.

The activities were very enjoyable with knowledgeable tutors on hand to guide us through the work. Each activity was very well structured and I found myself learning a lot of new information without really realising it!

The week progressed at quite a relaxed pace. The food was good, accommodation was comfortable and (in my block) very quiet on the evenings. There is a bar open every night with reasonably priced drinks given the area. This is a great place to meet like minded OU engineering students. Overall Bath University is a very nice campus and a good place to spend a week away.

My advice to any future students would be to make sure you work through the preparatory material before the school starts, but also have a quick skim read of the activity worksheets the night before each activity. That way it is fresh in your mind what is to be expected of you the next day. It is also a good idea to write up what you have done each day in the evening so you won't forget any of the details. This only takes half an hour or so, then you can hit the bar!

Course starting: May 2010

Review posted: January 2011

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