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Learn About Fair 2011 presenter feedback

Thank you for presenting at the ‘Learn About’ fair on the 30th March 2011.
We would like your feedback on the event to help us work out whether to repeat something similar in the future, so would appreciate if you would take the time to complete this short questionnaire.

Your name

Email address

Before the fair

How long did you spend preparing content for the fair?

Preparation for LA Fair

Communication from the Learn About Fair planning team in preparation for the fair was comprehensive and helpful

Comprehensive and helpful communication from LA fair planning team

Questions for Stall holders

The stall furniture provided was adequate for the purpose of presenting my topic

Stall furniture adequate

The equipment provided was adequate for the purpose of presenting my topic

Equipment was adequate

Were there enough people running your stall?

Enough people running stall

I was able to take a break from the stall to see other parts of the fair and have some lunch

Stall holder break from stall

Question for presenters

The equipment and layout in Meeting Room 1 was adequate for the purpose of presenting my topic

Meeting room 1 adequate

Questions for everyone

Apart from running your own stall or presenting, which sections of the fair did you visit?

(Please tick all that apply)

Subject stands in the ground floor Atrium  

Subject stands in the large Ambient Lab and Gaming Lab  

Subject Presentations in the Ground Floor Meeting room  

I was not able to visit any other stalls  

I was aware that technical support was available if I needed it to get my laptop/computer set up for my stall/presentation at the fair

Aware of technical support

Learn About Fair planning team, helpers and technical support officers were helpful and friendly

LA Fair team helpful and friendly

When did you visit the 'Learn About' fair Cloudscape?

(Please tick all that apply)

Before the fair  

At the fair  

After the fair  

I did not use this facility  

In your view how well did Cloudworks support the 'Learn About fair'?

Do you have any other comments/suggestions for the development of Cloudworks?

Future Learn About Fairs

What would you like to see at or think would be important for a future 'Learn About' fair?

We are piloting an online 'virtual' Learn About fair later in 2011 and would like to know if this format for the fair is something you'd be interested in trying for presenting and learning more about educational technology developments:

Would you be willing to participate as a virtual stall holder?

Would you like to attend a virtual fair?

If you have any further comments to make about the 'Learn About' fair, please use this space below:

Your feedback will be treated confidentially and your name will not be used in any report of the fair. If you are happy to be contacted in 3 months time about the impact of what you’ve learned at the fair please put your name and email address in the space below

I am willing to provide feedback in the future

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