02 Mar 2007

Report paints portrait of real poverty in Scotland

910 000 people in Scotland live in poverty (18% of the population)

Dr Gerry Mooney OU in Scotland

Dr Gerry Mooney OU in Scotland

240 000 children in Scotland in poverty (23% of all children)
Poverty in Scotland 2007

Open University in Scotland Social Policy Senior Lecturer Dr Gerry Mooney is a contributor to a sweeping update of the reality of poverty in Scotland.

Poverty in Scotland 2007 is a book is published by the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG), in association with the Scottish Poverty Information Unit, Poverty Alliance and The Open University in Scotland.

Poverty in Scotland 2007 represents a unique partnership of academics, campaigners and frontline workers bringing together the latest facts and figures on poverty, alongside analysis of how poverty impacts on people and places across Scotland. It is an essential contribution to discussion of how policy needs to develop if poverty is finally to become a thing of the past.

Dr Mooney says it provides more than just statistics about poverty. “This study, based on on-going research,” he says, “finds Scotland is poorer in the early years of the 21st century than it was in the Sixties. The book includes a series of essays that provide an informed background to the multiple faces of poverty now a reality in Scotland.”

The book was launched at an event to be addressed by the Scottish First Minister, Jack McConnell in Glasgow on 2nd March 2007. It is the fifth in a series published since 1995. The last edition was published in 2002.

Dr Mooney says its publication in advance of the May 2007 parliamentary elections is to encourage politicians to pay more attention to the question of poverty and inequality and to develop new ways of tackling what is a major social issue in contemporary Scotland.

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