29 Mar 2007

Climate Change TV season, backed by The Open University, wins international award

Award-winning theme

Award-winning theme

The BBC's Climate Change season of 2006, for which the University co-produced two programmes, has been awarded the Best of Festival prize at the 2007 International Wildlife Film Festival.

The season was also awarded prizes for best scientific content and best conservation message. The University co-produced Meltdown, which explored the debate around the issue of global warming, and Climate Conspiracy or Global Catastrophe, which considered the sources of impartial information about global warming.

Festival organisers describe the event as the premier film festival celebrating wildlife and natural history programming from around the world.

Meanwhile, Dr Mark Brandon, a senior lecturer in environmental science for the University, is continuing his Our Man in the Antarctic blog on open2.net - the OU/BBC series website - sent from the RSS James Clark Ross, part of a British Antarctic Survey expedition.

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