15 Jun 2007

Statement: Proposal for boycott of Israeli universities

Following the decision at the University and College Union annual conference to further debate a proposal to boycott Israeli universities, media coverage about the issue has referred to individuals whose links to The Open University have also been noted.

Throughout this latest debate - and previous debates - The Open University has maintained the right of freedom of speech for its staff on this important issue. We do not restrict the right of staff or union members to express individual viewpoints as long as they do so as individuals or representatives of the union and therefore not as spokespeople for The Open University.

Any opinions that are expressed on this issue should be seen entirely as personal views and should not be interpreted as representing the views of the University. Indeed, The Open University does not seek to boycott Israeli universities. The actions of the University and College Union are independent of this - or any other - university, and any position held by the union is not necessarily shared by this University.

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