10 Sep 2007

British Association Festival of Science features OU expertise

Festival link on the right

Festival link on the right

Space science, science of the mind and the science of colours will be the focus of The Open University’s offerings at the BA Festival of Science at the University of York, September 9-15.

OU space scientist Professor John Zarnecki will speak on the subject: Satellites I have known and loved - 50 years of space research.

Planetary and Space Sciences Research Institute doctoral students Dan Andrews and Steve Barlettt will lead a panel discussion on How to become a rocket scientist.

Dr Peter Naish, OU Lecturer on Psychology will talk about consciousness and also on hypnosis.

And OU Professor Emeritus Steven Rose and his wife Hilary will talk about scientist, historian and political activist J D Bernal who wrote many pioneering works on the relationship between science and society. J.D. Bernal: a life in three colours.

This year's Festival has over 200 events from astronomy to testosterone via bionics with a little chocolate on the way. The programme features many of today's most provocative, stimulating and entertaining scientists, artists and social commentators in exhibitions, events and activities taking place in York.

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