13 Sep 2007

New Technology, New Frontiers, New Presenter - Click On Returns to Radio 4

New Presenter - Simon Cox

New Presenter - Simon Cox

Click On, the topical technology radio programme co-produced by The Open University returns to BBC Radio 4 with new subjects, new products and a new presenter!

Simon Cox takes over from Rajesh Mirchandani and is looking forward to the new series.

He says: "Click On will be an exciting new departure for me. As a current affairs documentary maker I am used to spending months investigating the minutiae of one particular issue. With Click On I will have the luxury of exploring a multitude of technology stories week in, week out. Over the next six weeks we will be looking at how the technology is shaping up for the Beijing Olympics. We will be investigating the future of search engines, is there life beyond Google? There is an examination of the new ID tags that could end the misery of lost luggage and a report from the man trying to create a virtual choir on the internet.

"I also get the chance to try and chat up a virtual woman! I don’t fancy my chances however!

"As a current affairs journalist technology is an issue in virtually every story you cover – from delays in government computer systems to the technological failures that contributed to some of this summer’s floods. In the past I have investigated ID theft for a global series with broadcasters from across the world contributing individual programmes. I have also presented a series of programmes that have looked in detail at the computer modelling behind climate change predictions. I have also explored the new ways of mapping crime, trying to produce much more detailed and localised crime figures."

After starting out in local radio, which included the frightening prospect of once trying to produce Chris Morris, Simon moved to BBC Radio 4’s World at One and PM programmes.

He has reported from over 25 countries including chasing whaling ships in Norway and avoiding Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has also worked as a news correspondent for TV and radio. As well as presenting Click On, he also presents The Investigation on BBC Radio 4 and is also a regular presenter of the Five Live Report on BBC Radio Five Live.

Alongside the new presenter, there is a new six-part workshop for listeners and web-users alike, produced by The Open University. It shows users how to create their own web portal with the best of the internet such as video, audio and text. The workshop is availabe at www.open2.net/clickon - the link is opposite.

The Open University is working with the BBC to ensure the series is going to be an informative and entertaining programme that will keep listeners thoroughly up-to-date with the major IT issues of the day. Many of the programmes are recorded extremely close to broadcast to enable them to be as current as possible.

Dr Tony Hirst, lecturer in ICT with The Open University, said: "Recent reports suggest that the majority of households in the UK now have broadband internet access.

"With more computer power, interconnectivity and multimedia features available now on most mobile phones than were possible with the PCs of even ten years ago, the pace of change in ICT continues apparently unabated. Keeping up to date is difficult for even the most avid technology watcher, let alone the rest of us.

"Click On provides a weekly insight into today's IT world, exploring how to get the most out of the technologies already available to us, as well as looking at the impact widespread adoption of these technologies are likely to have on our daily lives.

"Also, ongoing research at The Open University continues to demonstrate the impact on consumers’ lives. This important OU/BBC collaboration highlights the importance that the University gives to this area."

Editor’s Notes

Click On is a BBC/Open University co-production for BBC Radio 4.

It will broadcast for six weeks from Monday September 17 at 4.30pm and is available on listen again.

The Producer for the BBC is Monise Durrani and Executive Producer for The Open University is Mark Jacobs.

The Open University and BBC have been in partnership for more than 30 years, providing educational programming to a mass audience. In recent times this partnership has evolved from late night programming for delivering courses to peak time programmes with a broad appeal to encourage wider participation in learning.

All broadcast information is correct at time of issue.

For interview requests and further information please contact Guy Bailey


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