08 Oct 2007

Have you been training or learning at work? Recognise your achievements through new OU course

Learning at work can now be used for credit towards higher education qualification – thanks to a new course from The Open University. Recognising achievement: credit for your experience gives students the opportunity to draw on their experiences of previous learning at work.

Online course materials and assessment will help students to reflect on their experiences of learning at work – whether in the paid or voluntary sectors.

This Level 1 course will be particularly relevant for those who are new to university study.

Students will be asked to present about four learning experiences of roughly 50 hours each. They could include for example:
- learning how to write a report;
- learning how to operate a piece of machinery;
- learning how to communicate with others;
- learning how to use a piece of software or computer program;
- learning basic book-keeping.

Course chair Dr Terry Di Paolo said: “Over the six months of the course, students will deepen their understanding of their past learning at work and they will work towards building a collection of resources that document their past achievements. By the end of the course, students will have a clearer understanding of their personal development from their past learning, and will be able to plan towards future achievements in their work and career.”

For more information about the course, which begins in November, click on the link, right.

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