11 Oct 2007

Work-based learning courses offer opportunity to improve career prospects

Students have the opportunity to improve their career prospects - thanks to two innovative work-based learning courses from The Open University - Information and Communication Technologies at Work and ICTs, Change and Projects at Work.

Both of these courses allow students to gain academic credit, advance their personal and career development and add value to the work of their organisations by engaging in authentic work-based learning.

Information and Communication Technologies at Work (T121) focuses on students' personal and career development and how it relates to the success of their organisations. The course also provides an introduction to the theory and practice of using ICT systems and examines key legislative and professional issues relating to ICTs at work.

ICTs, Change and Projects at Work (T226) enables students to gain an understanding of how ICTs both drive and enable change in the workplace. It also develops their knowledge, understanding and skills in project working and helps them to apply their new skills and knowledge to the planning of their own project involving the use of ICTs and associated business systems in their workplace.

Each course attracts 30 HE credit points and lasts for six months. Successful completion of both courses will lead to the Professional Certificate in ICT Practice (C89). Both courses are compulsory components of the Foundation Degree in Information and Communication Technology (GO4) and the Foundation Degree in Business Information Technology (G13).

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