17 Oct 2007

POLAR: The art and science of Climate Change

Climate Change - under discussion

Climate Change - under discussion

A season of art and science talks at the British Library this autumn uncovers how scientists, geographers, artists and ordinary people around the world know our planet is changing, how we got here, and what we might do about it. POLAR is part of International Polar Year and is presented by The Arts Catalyst, The British Library and the Open University.

Ancient ice and the latest computer models, Arctic light, bird migrations and Inuit hunting practices all tell us something about climate change. These talks and a symposium, taking place at The British Library, investigate ways in which to interpret what scientists are doing and share the unique perspectives of artists on events which, though they may seem far away, affect us all. The project is directed by Dr Katrina Dean (Curator of the History of Science, British Library) and Dr Kathryn Yusoff (Geography, University of Exeter).

Monday 5 November

Climate Change and Human Rights
Looking at our responsibilities to others whose lives are impacted by our actions such as the Inuit people. Discussant: Dr Michael Bravo, Scott Polar Research Group, University of Cambridge. Speaker: Aqqualuk Lynge, President of the Inuit Circumpolar Council Greenland.

Monday 19 November

The New Iconography of Climate hange
A ‘show and tell’ of different ice libraries from senior scientists and artists and a debate as to how these archives might well claim to hold the world’s knowledge. Discussant: Professor Denis Cosgrove, University of California. Speakers: Dr Eric Wolff, British Antarctic Survey, Professor Stephan Harrison, University of Exeter, and artist Marko Peljhan.

Monday 26 November

The Geopolitics of Cold
The history of the poles has emerged through national rivalry and international co-operation, often articulated through science and exploration. How do shifting climactic zones correspond to the governance of national and international territories? Discussant: Christine McGourty, BBC polar correspondent. Speakers Professor Doreen Massey, Open University, Professor Klaus Dodds, Royal Holloway, University of London.

Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 November
POLAR: Fieldwork and Archive Fever
Two day symposium at the British Library Conference Centre
An interdisciplinary symposium focusing on the curation and production of climate change knowledges and the polar regions. It brings together scientists, writers, artists, historians and social scientists. Keynote Speakers: Professor Denis Cosgrove (University of California), Professor Sverker Sörlin (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm) and Professor Rachel Weiss (Art Institute of Chicago) and artist Simon Faithful. Tickets £25 (include refreshments) - please contact Kathryn Yusoff, University of Exeter, to book a space.

Tickets for the talks are £6, available from the British Library box office, tel: 01937 546546. You may also purchase them in person from The British Library, St Pancras, 96 Euston Road, London, NW1 2DB.

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