13 Nov 2007

Alien Life, Molecules, Chocolate and Electric Guitars – The Open University’s Christmas Lecture Series is announced

Christmas Learning

Christmas Learning

The Open University’s annual Christmas Lecture Series takes place in December with lectures from the Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry departments as well as CEPSAR, the Centre for Earth, Planetary, Space and Astronomical Research.

The lectures are designed for sixth form and school students only and while demand is high, there are still some places available.

The first lecture is from the Mathematics and Statistics department and will take place on Tuesday December 4 at 10am and again at 2pm in the Berrill Lecture Theatre at the Walton Hall Campus.

Titled Mathematics, Chocolate and the Electric Guitar and delivered by David Acheson of Jesus College, Oxford, it will consider why the number 1089 is so special, how chocolate can help prove theorems and what it has to do with the electric guitar! The lecture will consider an off-beat look at surprises in mathematics and includes practical demonstrations.

The Royal Society of Chemistry/OU Chemistry Schools Lecture called Experimenting with Molecules, Metals and Materials will take place on Tuesday December 4 at 10.30am at the Old Lecture Theatre, Walton Hall Campus. Dr Andrew Hector and Professor Gill Reid from Southampton University will demonstrate how key properties of gases and molecular compounds and their reaction chemistry can lead to practical applications in everyday life.

The Physics lecture will take place at 2pm on Monday December 10 in the Old Lecture Theatre. Professor Peter Kalmus of the Institute of Physics and Queen Mary College, University of London, will give a lecture titled Particles and the Universe in which he will describe how large accelerators are helping scientists to create some of the conditions of the early Universe here on Earth.

The CEPSAR lecture will take place on Monday December 17 at 11am and 2pm and is titled Extrasolar planets and extra-terrestrial life. It will be delivered by Professor Chris Done from Durham University. She will look at how life formed on Earth and the prospect of life elsewhere in the Universe. Biology, Astronomy and Physics will try to answer these questions, to explore the science behind the science fiction!

For more information on booking places open the document on to the right called booking details.

Places are for Sixth Form Studens or school students only.

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