20 Dec 2007

The Open University invites footballers to impress Fabio Capello by learning Italian!



Come lo vuoi il caffè, capo? (How do you like your coffee, boss?)

While some of the English football world is wringing its hands in horror with Italian speaking Fabio Capello taking over as England manager, The Open University has an easy solution for the forward-thinking footballer.

The OU will offer a free Italian language course Andante: beginners’ Italian (L195) to any Premiership footballer who wants to converse with his new Capo in his native tongue.

The course is a great way for anybody interested in learning to speak Italian or learning more about the Italian way of life and culture.

Just for fun, the OU has translated some everyday football phrases into Italian:-

"I’m as sick as a parrot" (Literally "sto male come un pappagallo", but a better equivalent would be "Mi lascia l'amaro in bocca" – "it leaves me bitter in the mouth").

"I’m over the moon!" (Literally "sopra la luna!", but a better equivalent would be "al settimo cielo!" – "to the seventh sky!").

"I was never offside!" ("Non ero per niente in fuorigioco!")

"pick me, boss, I'm better than him" (Scegli me, Mister, sono più bravo di lui)

"Italy are the greatest team" ("I giocatori italiani sono i più bravi di tutti" or "la squadra italiana è la più brava").

Anna Proudfoot, lecturer in Italian with The Open University said: "We would be happy to help any England footballer impress the new manager or prepare them if they are thinking of holidaying in Italy next year – I understand they may have some free time in June!

"The football phrases we’ve translated, while well known in England, will mean nothing to an average Italian but studying L195 will give you an appreciation of such cultural differences as well as the knowledge of the language you are learning."

The course is The Open University's Italian course for beginners. It will give students the skills they need to speak and understand simple Italian in everyday situations. No previous knowledge of Italian is required. Students receive printed and audio materials, and they have access to a dedicated website, all of which support their language learning.

To sign up for L195 or to view any other of the many Open University courses click on the links to the right.

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