23 Jan 2008

The Open University asks ‘Heritage, Whose Heritage?’

A180 Heritage

A180 Heritage

If you are interested in any aspect of Heritage then a new Open University short course is for you.

A180 - Heritage, whose heritage? looks at the relationship we have to a national heritage managed largely by institutions and public organisations. The course encourages students to engage with the debates and campaigns that surround heritage objects and places.

Who decides what should be preserved from the past as our heritage? How do we use memories and celebrations as ‘intangible’ heritage? Who is this heritage for and how should it be presented and explained? How can people engage actively with their heritage and have an impact on it? If you want to get more involved with your local heritage and understand how it relates to the bigger picture, this course will help.

Professor Tim Benton, course leader, said: "Everyone has a different idea of what our heritage is and what should be done with it. We want students to think about these issues and develop their own point of view, based on an understanding of how the heritage system works. We want them to engage practically with an aspect of heritage which excites them and makes an impact."

The course lasts 15 weeks and focuses on ‘objects of heritage’. This is anything that has been evaluated, listed or created to commemorate international, national or local productions of heritage.

After completing the course, students will be able to be more effective in pursuing their enthusiasms and meeting the objectives of groups committed to changing policy on heritage matters.

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