23 Oct 2008

Open University appoints BBC leader

Internationally renowned broadcaster and educational specialist, Andrew Law, will be helping shape the direction of the UK’s largest university.
Law, currently Head of BBC Worldwide Interactive Learning, will be taking up the post of Director, Multi-Platform Broadcasting at the Open University from 1 April 2009 . He will be responsible for leading the University in its development and delivery of innovative and world class education using a range of broadcast media.
Professor David Vincent, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Strategy and External Affairs said the appointment marked a significant turning point for the University.
“Andrew is a talented broadcast executive, with more than 20 years experience in the production of specialist education and e-learning materials,” Professor Vincent said.
“He has substantial experience in the production of world class materials for television and the internet .
Innovative broadcasting has been at the core of The Open University, since its creation 40 years ago, according to Vincent.
“The OU has worked closely with the BBC since its inception, collaborating on the production of broadcasts to support courses and address wider audience. Since then we have gone on to create more general educational programming including massively popular shows such as Coast and Big Ideas.
“Additionally, the University has branched out into other media such as iTunes U to provide educational content in as many formats as possible for our 200 000 students and a worldwide learning public.
“The OU is internationally recognised as being a leader in applying the latest information technology to learning, including the use of using blogs, podcasts, wikis and open educational content,” Vincent said.
In his role as Director, Multi-Platform Broadcasting, Andrew Law will be responsible for consolidating the substantial innovations at the Open University, and taking them forwards to meet the challenge of digital communication
“Andrew will be responsible for helping the University develop sophisticated web 2.0 tools to help create multi-platform learning communities,” Vincent said.
Amongst his achievements, Andrew Law is responsible for, or appears in, the top three most viewed videos on the OU YouTube channel.
In addition to his substantial experience in managerial positions with the BBC, Mr Law has also been responsible for developing educational media strategies for NGOs, the Department of International Development and the Ministry of Education in Kenya, Ghana and Ethiopia.

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