14 Jul 2009

BBC One Goes Bang in live, three-minute science experiment

The presenting team take part in tonight's live experiment

The presenting team take part in tonight's live experiment

In a celebration of science, BBC One is holding a channel event that will put science to the test, live on air.

Today(Tuesday 14 July), BBC One will unveil a continuous chain of science events, in real time, with no special effects and just one chance to get it right.

The live, three-minute TV promotion, aired between The One Show and EastEnders, is a first for the channel.

The live event is the start of an ongoing campaign that aims to get the nation talking about science, marking this month's launch of BBC One's new prime time science series, Bang Goes The Theory.

Jay Hunt, Controller, BBC One, said: "This ambitious live experiment is a first for BBC One – none of us know quite what will happen but it promises to be an unmissable celebration of science on the channel."

Starting with a pushbike that powers a van de Graaff generator, the three-minute long, continuous chain of events will make up a giant contraption – made of everyday laboratory objects – that uses scientific principles of action and reaction to create a constantly moving cascade that will be tested live on air.

The science cascade will feature the four presenters from Bang Goes The Theory: Dallas Campbell; Liz Bonnin; Jem Stansfield; and Dr Yan Wong.

Liz Bonnin says: "Am I worried about taking part in a cascade of science-based events live on BBC One? A teeny bit, but that adds to the fun of it!"

The live science promo is only the beginning of an on-going BBC campaign, organised by BBC Learning, to stimulate the nation's passion for science.

The multimedia campaign incorporates online activities, including science demonstrations that anyone can try at home, and a free, interactive science roadshow that the public can attend.

The UK has already been following progress of the development of the giant contraption online.

In mid-June, more than 10,000 people took part in an online vote on how to complete one section of the giant contraption and decided that Dr Yan Wong should be transported across a 2.5m void using magnetism.

BBC One is currently airing clips showing the progress and development of the live science event.

Dr Yan Wong says: "It'll be great to see whether we can successfully link together so many cool scientific demonstrations. As a scientist, it's fantastic to do something that brings science alive for a wider audience."

Following the launch of Bang Goes The Theory, the show's four presenters will be visiting seven towns and cities across the UK, giving the nation the chance to watch and participate in Bang Goes The Theory interactive roadshows that bring science to life in front of the audiences' eyes.

The live science promo will air between The One Show and EastEnders tonight(Tuesday 14 July). The promo will be streamed live on bbc.co.uk and following the event will be available to watch at bbc.co.uk/bang.

Notes to Editors
Pictures are available on the BBC pictures website, www.bbcpictures.com.
The live promo is being directed by Grant Gee, an award-winning TV documentary maker who directed Demon Days, a Grammy-nominated film from the Gorillaz.

Bang Goes The Theory is due for transmission from Monday 27 July (10 x 30-minutes) and is an Open University/BBC co-production.

BBC Learning delivers campaigns that aim to inspire and empower individuals to take action – action that changes their lives, benefits communities and helps to transform society. For more information visit bbc.co.uk/learning.

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