07 Jul 2010

Coast returns for a fifth series, exploring our shores and beyond

Coast, with Neil Oliver, is back for a fifth series

Coast, with Neil Oliver, is back for a fifth series

TX: Sunday 25 July, 9pm, BBC TWO; Wednesday 28 July, 9pm and subsequent episodes from Wednesday 4 August at 8pm on BBC TWO

The Bafta-winning Coast returns this summer with a fifth series journeying around the British Isles and abroad to see how shared seas unite us with our neighbours across the water. Produced in partnership with The Open University, the eight-part series on BBC Two is once again packed with intriguing and heart-warming anecdotes, untold stories and glorious scenery.

The team of presenters led by Neil Oliver embark on ambitious voyages to Brittany, where Nick Crane joins the ‘onion johnnies’, to Denmark to discover what makes the Danes the happiest people on earth, and across to Ireland, where they climb the stunning sea cliffs of the West coast.

Episode one takes a circular tour of the Irish Sea to visit every country of the British Isles, with the Isle of Man as the hub of this wheel. Neil finds out why this small island, birthplace of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, is home to some big inventions. Also in episode one, Mark Horton tells the tale of the ship that broke Brunel’s heart, the ill-fated ‘Great Eastern’. Examining the 150-year-old remains of the vessel in Liverpool, he finds out more about the famous engineer’s final masterpiece - said to be the feat that killed him.

In episode four, presenter Alice Roberts meets Open University acoustics expert Dr David Sharp, who explains why some of Britain’s beaches have ‘singing sands’. Alice and David test out the sand at Porth Oer in Wales, recording the sounds and revealing this beach’s surprising musical secrets. David comments: “Around 30 very special British beaches effectively 'whistle' when you walk on them. It’s a strange squeaking sound, and only occurs when a number of factors come together in the right way.”

To accompany series five of Coast, The Open University has produced a free booklet, available by calling 0845 300 8847. Themes ranging from sea sounds to oil spills and surf culture are explored in more detail on the programme website, Open2.net/coast.

For the latest from the production team, follow Coast on Twitter: http://twitter.com/coasttv.

Editor’s Notes
TX details: Ep 1 Sunday 25 July, 9pm, BBC TWO. Ep 2 Wednesday 28 July, 8pm and Wednesdays at 8pm thereafter. TX details are correct at the time of issue and are subject to change.
Coast is a co-production between The Open University and the BBC.
The Executive Producer is Bill Lyons; the Series Producer is Steve Evanson.
BBC Commissioning Executive for the Open University is Emma De’Ath.
The Broadcast Learning Executive for The Open University is Caroline Ogilvie.

The Open University academics for the series are:
- Wendy Maples, Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences
- Mark Brandon, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science
- David Sharp, Senior Lecturer in Acoustics
- Susie West, Lecturer in Heritage Studies
- Glynda Easterbrook, Course Manager, Faculty of Science
- Patricia Ash, Associate Lecturer in Science

Coast won the first ever BAFTA award for Interactivity at the BAFTA awards in 2006. It was also nominated for Best Factual Series. Coast also won Best Television Programme/Television Series at the Voice of the Listener and Viewer Awards for 2006.

The OU and the BBC have been in partnership for forty years, providing educational programming to a mass audience. In recent times this partnership has evolved from late night programming for delivering courses to peak-time programmes with a broad appeal, to encourage wider participation in learning.

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