17 Dec 2010

OU to feature in YouTube’s Project for Awesome

The Open University (OU) is taking part in YouTube’s Project for Awesome 2010 – an initiative to promote international charities on the video sharing website.

The OU has created a video which focuses on its international work to provide education in Africa. The video is expected to be uploaded today (Friday, December 17th) an available to view via

The aim of the University's involvement with the project is to encourage donations to the University. The Global Project for Awesome event is set to begin at midnight on Saturday and will continue through Sunday. It is hoped that the event will push the OU's video on to the front page of YouTube.

Vice-Chancellor Martin Bean said: “We create incredible educational content, much of which we make freely available. Literally millions of people access The Open University through channels like YouTube, providing a gateway to a world of knowledge.

“Our free educational materials are also transforming the lives of some of the most disadvantaged people in the world. So, we help train teachers, doctors and healthcare workers in countries where they are desperately needed.”

P4A was set up by two brothers in the US, Hank and John Green. Hank and John are responsible for the popular VlogBrothers Channel on YouTube and for creating Nerdfighters.

The brothers launched P4A in 2007 and decided to ‘take over’ YouTube for a day to promote charities. They did this by ensuring a common template on all charity videos created by the YouTube community so that they featured all over the YouTube website.

YouTube has embraced the project this year and will be hosting a four-hour live show on the day the videos go live to celebrate and raise awareness of the initiative and causes represented this year.

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