10 Feb 2011

The Open University & CIO Executive Council Partner to Educate Future CIOs

The Open University has licensed the CIO Executive Council Pathways competency framework, which allows future CIOs to follow a clearly devised learning plan, from IT staff to Board level. The framework will be mapped to The Open University’s extensive online industry curriculum online to provide future Chief Information Officers with the essential skills required to reach Board status.

IDG’s CIO Executive Council—a global peer advisory community of 750 global enterprises with more than 1,400 IT leaders—provides leadership development expertise through its Pathways program. By providing step-by-step actions and training from the expertise of the Council's global community, IT professionals will excel at a faster pace becoming strategic CIOs versus functional heads of IT.

This strategic partnership addresses the issues raised by Reed's annual job index which suggested that the UK's need for IT professionals is 23% higher now than at the start of 2010. Furthermore, e-skills UK, the Sector Skills Council for Business and Information Technology, states that the number of IT and telecom professionals will grow at four times the rate of other sectors, extending the need for educational opportunities. The Pathways framework aims to help companies improve the internal conveyor belt that turns entry-level staff into the company’s senior management and attracts professionals into the industry with the promise of a clear career path.

Kevin Streater, Executive Director for IT and Telecom at The Open University, said: “We have mapped our curriculum to the career paths of future CIOs, which will enable them to have the right training at the right stage in their careers. They may start with IT specific courses and supplement it with management training as they progress in their careers. By the time they reach Board level, they will have the necessary skill set to create strategic business value.”

Pam Stenson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the CIO Executive Council, said: “The Journey to the Future-State CIO® Framework, developed by member CIOs, describes the steps needed to elevate the role and value of the CIO and IT organisation. From providing robust systems and services, prospective CIOs can develop skills to enhance their influence and provide strategic leadership to drive the business.”

The Pathways framework is another example of The Open University’s drive to provide business relevant learning solutions to the IT industry. By engaging with the highest levels of industry expertise, The Open University is able to understand the changing competency demands on IT professionals throughout their career and provide resources to continue the educational process.

For more information about Pathways, contact the Council at

Editor's Notes
1. The Open University (OU) is the largest higher education institution in the UK and a world leader in flexible distance learning. Since it began in 1969, the OU has taught more than 1.6 million students and has more than 250,000 current students, including 20,000 overseas.

The OU was founded to open up higher education to all, regardless of their circumstances, previous qualifications or where they live. It is a world leader in developing technology to increase access to education on a global scale. Its vast ‘open content portfolio’ includes free study units on OpenLearn, and materials on iTunes U. Its 40 year partnership with the BBC brought education to prime-time slots through programmes like Coast, Bang Goes the Theory and Seven Ages of Britain.

2. The CIO Executive Council is a global community comprised of hundreds of the world's leading chief information officers who together form the most unbiased and reality-tested peer-advisory resource available to the profession. The Council’s membership represents leaders from Fortune 500 and mid-market organizations committed to helping one another save time and money, avoid mistakes, and make better more informed decisions. Collectively, the Council is a bellwether for the profession and voice of influence in the IT industry, around the world. Pathways is a unique professional development program that brings together best practices, thought leadership and group mentoring for today’s most promising IT Executives.

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