26 Oct 2011

Open University welcomes the new fairer part-time study repayment system

Martin Bean, The Open University Vice-Chancellor

Martin Bean, The Open University Vice-Chancellor

BIS has announced that part-time students in England will now become eligible to start making repayments four years after commencing study, up from the three years that was previously planned.

Martin Bean, Vice-Chancellor of The Open University, said: “We are delighted by today’s Government decision regarding part-time repayment arrangements. For the first time ever, part-time students will not have to pay upfront as from 2012, eligible students will be able to borrow the full cost of their tuition fees. This is another important step to ensure that England has a higher education system which is innovative, flexible and offers students the highest quality.

“Now more than ever, the nation needs to upskill its workforce and engage individuals from all backgrounds. We look forward to continuing to work with Ministers and all parties over the coming months to ensure that we continue to have a world class sector that is open to all who have the ambition to succeed.”

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