10 Nov 2011

All your Open University news in one tidy place with our new App

OU News App

OU News App

A clever little App from The Open University signposts users to the latest news in all directions, with its launch this week. The OU News App – designed to pool several areas of news – is the first time The Open University has devised an App for both iOS and android devices.

It follows the successful launch of popular Apps such as Photofit Me and Devolve Me. The App, designed along similar lines to the BBC’s App, gives a one-stop-shop for access to the OU news on press releases, the student news site Platform, YouTube, Twitter accounts, Facebook and the student Forum site.

It means anyone wishing to learn about research, news or keep up with discussions via their phone or ipad has an easy route in, wherever they are.

The OU News App is available from both the Apple Store and Android Market Place.

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