02 May 2012

Social Science Bites: A Major new podcast series

Social Science Bites, a new podcast containing interviews with leading social scientists on different aspects of the social world, was launched today. The series is produced and presented by well known authors Nigel Warburton (Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, The Open University) and David Edmonds (Senior Research Associate at the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics) following the enormous success of their existing podcast series, Philosophy Bites, which has had more than 13 million downloads.

“We’ve been stunned by the success of Philosophy Bites which is listened to around the globe,” said Nigel Warburton. “Short podcast interviews provide an excellent vehicle for communicating ideas in an accessible, direct, and interesting way. We’re delighted that SAGE has encouraged us to turn our attention to the Social Sciences.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to engage with some of the most important issues of our day with leading thinkers and researchers. We’ve already recorded interviews on topics as diverse as the nature of the social sciences, equality, co-operation, children and the Internet, and the spirit of cities, and have many more interviews planned with top social scientists on a very broad range of topics.”

The series is launching with three episodes: Danny Dorling on Inequality; Rom Harré on the Nature of the Social Sciences; and Richard Sennett on Co-operation. These will be available with transcripts from (hosted on the international blog network Future episodes, released monthly, will include interviews with Sonia Livingstone, Angela McRobbie, Stephen Pinker, Steven Kosslyn, Stephen Reicher, and Avner de-Shalit.

“SAGE has long championed the value of the social sciences in shaping our understanding of society and culture,” said Ziyad Marar, Global Publishing Director, SAGE. “As a true addict of Philosophy Bites I have long admired the creative energy and unobtrusive skill that Nigel and Dave have brought to each podcast. I'm thrilled to see them bring the same blend of intellectual enthusiasm and know how to Social Science Bites, and expect there will be wide interest among academics, media, policy makers and the general public.”

To listen to the first episodes of the podcast and download transcripts follow link (right).

Editor's Notes
Initial podcast summaries:
Danny Dorling: Current inequality in the rich world is at the highest it has been since the 1920s. Hear Danny Dorling discussing the “staggering” disparity between rich and poor which has become a defining measure of our times. How did it happen? Why does it matter? And is it sustainable?

Rom Harré: “Everybody lives in a society...They want to know what it is they’re living in,” says Rom Harré in this exploration of the nature of the social sciences. How do they differ from the physical sciences? What challenges do they face? What is their value?

Richard Sennett: Co-operation is working with people to do things you can’t do yourself. How can you co-operate with people who don’t share your values? According to Richard Sennett, such co-operation is a craft that needs to be learnt.

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