03 May 2012

Taking Responsibility conference to expose the dark side of marketing

Professor Gerard Hastings, Director of the Institute for Social Marketing, Stirling and the Open University, will be calling for urgent social change at a one-day Taking Responsibility conference at The Open University on Wednesday 9th May. He believes marketing is paving the way for us to destroy ourselves and our environment.

Hosted by ISM-Open: The Institute for Social Marketing, a collaboration between The OU and the University of Stirling, the conference will reflect calls from government and policy makers for communities and organisations to take responsibility for responding to global social and economic challenges. More than 30 research papers will be presented around the themes of social marketing and socially responsible management.

Key note speaker Professor Hastings, Director of the Institute for Social Marketing and the Centre for Tobacco Control Research University of Stirling and The OU, will talk about what he calls ‘the dark side of marketing’. He said: “I think we are destroying ourselves, our communities, our society and our planet - and we marketers are the cheerleaders and overseers of this insanity.

“Marketing provides corporate capitalism with both its motive force and acceptable face. There is much talk about the unsustainability of an economic model based on assumptions of perpetual growth; less about the fact that this depends on us all perpetually consuming more – which we obligingly do. Marketing drives this increasingly unnecessary consumption and encourages our inurement to its catastrophic consequences.”

Professor Hastings says he has chosen the topic as a result of ‘the blindness with which we continue to shop’. He said: “We have no regard for the obvious downsides: materialism, wage-slavery, physical health damage (such as obesity), perpetual disappointment (why would we go on shopping otherwise?), appalling inequalities, fatuous choice (such as £40k of products in large UK supermarkets) - and, of course, global warming.”

In his speech he will be calling for individuals and academics to help bring about change. He said: “We bring about social change through individuals shopping less and more fairly, through collective education and through regulating the corporate marketer. Business academics have to research, write and teach more, leading the debate about how to correct these wrongs. We need to do this energetically and fast.”

Professor Hastings will be joined by fellow key note speakers Agnes Nairn and Frank den Hond. The social marketing sessions address the following topics: reaching target groups, communities, sustainability, critical social marketing, and the big picture. The socially responsible management sessions address the topics of: social movements, consumers and voluntary organisations; working towards sustainability, conceptualising and measuring socially responsible management, and managing socially responsible management in different contexts. The settings for these studies range from fashion, schools and the charity sector, to professional sport, oil and gas, and the water industry.

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Taking Responsibility Conference
Venue: Michael Young Building, The Open University, Milton Keynes
Time: 09.00 – 17.00
If you would like to attend, please contact
To see the full programme, please visit:

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