29 May 2012

What Research Has to Say

What Research has to say

What Research has to say

On Friday 25-May-12 the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) hosted a "What Research Has to Say" showcase of innovative UK developments in mobile technology for maths and science learning.

The event attracted over 50 people from companies, publishers, consultancies and universities, including a strong representation from the OU. They heard talks about new developments, tried out research prototypes, discussed future directions and met other innovators from across the UK.

Professor Mike Sharples, Chair in Educational Technology at IET and academic organiser of the event said the event was a great success. He praised the engaging presentations and the fair-style demonstrations, where over 20 stalls demonstrated interactive science toys and simulations, mobile apps for science and health learning, location-based datalogging, and multimedia science e-books. Many of the demonstrations were pre-release versions of software or academic projects making the transition to commercial or open access systems. These included a mobile app for iSpot (, new mobile information gathering for WildKnowledge (, a tool to learn about the distant landscape (, wifi data-logging (, an interactive ‘nature table’ for young children ( and the OU’s own interactive science e-books.

The formal session rounded-off with a lively plenary discussion, focusing on how we can match innovative and relevant pedagogy to innovative technologies.

The events are organized as a collaboration between The Open University, the London Knowledge Lab, and the Learning Sciences Research Institute at the University of Nottingham, and are sponsored by the UK Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Research Programme with support from the Association for Learning Technology (ALT), Intellect and the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA).

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