13 Feb 2013

The OU Business School strengthens its presence in public service leadership and management

The Open University (OU) Business School is strengthening its research, teaching and executive education in public leadership and management with the appointment of Professor Jean Hartley. Professor Hartley took up her post at the OU on 1 February bringing with her a wealth of experience in the field, having been a co-founder of the Institute of Governance and Public Management at Warwick Business School.

Professor Hartley has contributed to the field of public leadership and management for two decades through research, teaching and development work. This has shaped some of the thinking and ideas in the field for example about the value and use of political astuteness skills among public servants, about the interplay between political and managerial leadership, and about the leadership of innovation in public services. In her role as Professor in Public Leadership Professor Hartley will play a pivotal part in developing the OU Business School’s research capability and further enhancing its research profile.

Speaking about her appointment Professor Hartley said “I am pleased to be joining the OU Business School at a time when it is actively strengthening its presence in public leadership and management. In this respect we share the same vision. Even in a period of austerity, public services remain a significant part of the economy and society, contributing to wealth and well-being, and will play a key role in recovery.”

Professor Rebecca Taylor, dean of The Open University Business School said, “It is with great pleasure that I welcome Professor Hartley. Her appointment strengthens both our academic profile and our research portfolio. I am delighted she has joined us. ”

Professor Hartley’s field of research is leadership, organisational development and management. Her core discipline is organisational psychology but most of her research is cross-disciplinary and focused on public leadership and management. Her special interests are in leadership with political astuteness, and innovation and organizational change in public services.

Several researchers and research projects on public leadership, and innovation/organizational change will work with Jean at the OU - including Stella Manzie, Dame Jane Roberts and Annette Stansfield, who are researching public leadership. Professors John Benington, Clive Fletcher and Mark Moore are being invited as Visiting Professors at the OU. Jean will continue to undertake research on leadership with political astuteness with colleagues at the Australia and New Zealand School of Government, and on innovation in public services at the University of Roskilde in Denmark.

Professor Hartley joins The Open University Business School from Warwick Business School where she was Professor of Organisational Analysis. Previous to that she has held the position of Senior Lecturer at University of London's Birkbeck College and research and teaching posts at Universities of Manchester and Sheffield. In addition, Professor Hartley is a Fellow of British Academy of Management and a Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

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